InShot Pro on iPhone/iPad is undoubtedly one of the most popular video editing apps. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it ideal for editing photos and videos quickly. However, it is a paid app; not everyone can afford the hefty subscription fee. This is why many users have been looking for ways to get InShot Pro for free, and the best way to do it is by downloading the InShot Pro modded on iOS.

InShot Pro Download for free on iOS
InShot Pro Download for free on iOS

In this article, we will share and guide how to download the InShot Pro hack on iOS. We will also discuss some of the features and benefits of using this modded version and some tips and tricks to get the most out of it. So let’s get started! Check Out: Spotify++ Download on iOS.


InShot Pro Hack On iOS | Features:

InShot Pro is one of AppStore’s most powerful and advanced video editing apps. It comes packed with features that make it a great choice for both novice and experienced users.

The modded version of InShot Pro has many more features that make it even more desirable. These include:

Free: One of the main reasons why people search for a modded version of InShot Pro is that it is free. No subscription fees are required, and users can use the app without any limitations or restrictions.

No Subscription Or Registration: If you’re worried about your privacy, then the modded version of InShot Pro is perfect for you. Using the app does not require any subscription or registration, so your private data remains safe.

No Jailbreaking Required: Although iOS is a very secure platform, and it doesn’t allow users to install apps from outside the AppStore. And though people jailbreak their iPhones to get access to such apps, this isn’t necessary with the modded version of InShot Pro. You can download it on your iPhone and start using it immediately with the guide below.

Unlimited Themes and Templates: The modded version of InShot Pro has endless themes and templates which you can use to customize your videos. This makes it a great tool for creating professional-looking videos in no time.

No Ads: The modded version of InShot Pro is entirely free from ads. This means you can create videos without any interruption or distraction.

HD Quality Export: You can export your videos in HD quality with the modded version of InShot Pro. This means you will get the best possible video quality without worrying about downgrading the quality.

No Watermark: You may have seen that most of the apps with free versions come with a watermark. This isn’t the case with the modded version of InShot Pro, as you can export videos without a watermark.

Discover more information about the InShot MOD App for iOS

App NameInShot Pro
Developer Panda Helper
OS Version RequirediOS 10.0 or Later
Device CompatibilityiPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Age Limit4+

Pros and Cons of the InShot Pro App


  • Ads removed from the app
  • Images can be saved without Watermark
  • Edit Images and Videos like Professionals.
  • Separate the Audio Track from the Video file.
  • Create Slideshows and Photo Collages.
  • Share your Creations on Social Media.


  • Old iOS devices do not support InShot Pro.
  • It takes more time to export edited Images and Videos to the device.
  • Proper tutorials are not available on how to use the app.
  • Users have to Manually select stickers, the Search feature is lacking.
  • It will be great if an automatic subtitles feature is added.

Download and install InShot Pro Hack on iPhone/iPad

Now that we have discussed some of the features of the modded version of InShot Pro on iPhone/iPad, let us look at how to download it on iPhone and start using it.

  •  Download TopStore

TopStore is a third-party app store that allows users to download and install apps from outside the AppStore. You can also find InShot Pro from this app.

To download TopStore, open the browser, click on the below link, tap on download, and then Install it.

  TopStore App

  • Make TopStore A Trusted App

As you have downloaded TopStore from the web, you have to make it a trusted app to use it. To do this, go to settings > Profile and change the TopStore profile to trusted.

Install TopStore

  • Download InShot Pro Hack

Now open TopStore and search “InShot Pro” in the search bar. Tap on the app from the search results and click “Get” to install it.

Inshot pro on iOS

  • Make InShot A Trusted App

Like TopStore, you must make InShot Pro a trusted app to use it. To do this, go to Settings > Profile and change the InShot profile to trusted.

inshot-pro latest

And that’s it; you have successfully downloaded and installed the modded version of InShot Pro on your iPhone. Now you can start creating fantastic photos and videos with all the features and tools InShot Pro provides.

Install InShot Pro IPA Free on iPhone with Sideloadly

  • Open the link given below to learn how to Install the Sideloadly App on PC and iOS devices.

   Download & Install Sideloadly

  • Download the InShot Hack (MOD) IPA file.

   Download The InShot Pro IPA file

  • Run the Sideloadly software on your PC and connect your iOS device to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Make sure your iOS device is Unlocked before connecting.

IPA Installation process in iOS device through Sideloadly tool

  • Make sure your device is detected by the software (Under the iDevice Section).
  • Enter your Apple ID under the Apple Account Section.
  • Then Tap on the Advanced Options button.
  • Enable the Use Anisette Authentication option and Click on the Start button.
  • You will be asked to enter a Password, Enter the above given Apple ID account Password.
  • The app will be installed on your device in a few minutes.
  • Then, Go to Settings > General > VPN & Profile Management, on your iOS device and Trust the InShot MOD app’s Profile. You can find it under the Enterprise App section.

Trust InShot MOD app Profile from Settings on iOS device.

  • If your device is Running on iOS 16 or Later versions, then Enable Developer Mode.
  • Navigate to Settings> Privacy & Security > Developer Mode, Toggle on Developer Mode and tap on Restart button.

Enable Developer mode on iOS from Settings.

  •  That’s all, You can start using the InShot Hack app with all the Pro features enabled(free).

InShot Pro MOD App on iPhone - Free Download

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Q. Is it safe to download InShot Pro Hack on iPhone?

Yes, it is safe to download the modded version of InShot Pro as it does not require any jailbreaking or subscription.

Q. Is InShot Pro Hack free?

A. Yes, the modded version of InShot Pro is completely free from ads and watermarks.

Q. Can I uninstall InShot Pro Hack after downloading?

A. Yes, you can easily uninstall the modded version of InShot Pro, just like any other app on your iPhone.

Q - How to Receive Updates to InShot Pro?

You can download the latest version of the MOD from this website. It is completely Free.

Q - Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone to Install InShot Pro MOD?

No need to jailbreak your iOS device. You can use IPA Installers like Sideloadly, AltStore etc to Sideload Third-Party apps into any iOS device.

Q - Can I remove InShot Watermark using Inshot MOD?

Yes, you can remove Watermark from edited images and videos if you use InShot Pro Hack.

Q - What are the pros an cons of the InShot Pro Hack?

Pros are, you can use all the premium features for free. Cons are, It takes lot of time to export files to Local Storage.

Final Words -Inshot Pro for Free on (iPhone & iPad)

InShot Pro Hack is an excellent way for iOS users to access all the features of InShot Pro without jailbreaking their devices or paying subscription charges. With the modded version, users can enjoy creating great videos without any interruption or distraction. So try it today and create amazing videos and images with InShot Pro. Thanks for reading! Hope this guide will help you to download Inshot Pro Hack on your iPhone safely and easily.

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