Spotify++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [PREMIUM UNLOCKED]

Spotify, the popular music streaming service needs no introduction. It is the most widely-used music streaming service worldwide. As you might know, Spotify has a premium version as well for which the users require paying a certain sum. Spotify premium comes packed with features that are not present in the non-premium version. What if you can get the Spotify premium for free? In this post, we are going to share with you the process to download and install Spotify++ on your iPhone/iPad. Spotify++  is the tweaked version of the original application through which you can access premium features for free.

Spotify Premium for Free - Spotify++ App
Spotify Premium for Free – Spotify++ App

Please note that if you wish to Install Spotify++ App, you require installing TopStore on your iPhone/iPad which is a 3rd party App Store that houses tweaked and modified iOS applications. In short, the iOS applications which don’t get to see the light of the day on the official App Store are available on TopStore for you to download. The good news is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad in order to install TopStore. Check-Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).


Spotify++ on iOS | Features: 

The best feature of Spotify++, present in Spotify Premium, is that you can play any song, any time on any device- mobile, tablet, or computer. Moreover, the non-premium version of Spotify does not let you download music for offline listening, but, in Spotify++ you can download your favorite music to your local storage for offline listening. Following are some more features of Spotify++iOS.

  • The non-premium version of Spotify does not offer all the sound levels and equalizer options for playback. On the other hand, Spotify++ has amazing sound qualities to offer.
  • Advertisements, definitely, ruin the listening experience especially when you are working out in a gym or traveling. Get Spotify++ and forget advertisements altogether. Spotify++ is free of advertisements.
  • You get unlimited skips with Spotify++.

Spotify++ (Premium Music for Free) Info

App Name







Tweaked/Hacked Apps




35 MB

Download From


Now, you are all set to Install Spotify++ on iOS device from TopStore without jailbreak. Following are the steps for the same.

Install Spotify++ on iOS iPhone/iPad [STEPS]

  • Please launch Safari Browser and navigate to the below-given link to download and install TopStore on your iOS device.

   TopStore App

  • Don’t forget to trust the profile of TopStore prior to launching.

tweakbox using topstore

  • Launch TopStore and search for Spotify++ in it.


  • Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen where you require tapping on ‘Get’ to download and install Spotify++ on your iOS device.


  • You require trusting the profile of Spotify++ as well prior to launching the application.

Best Spotify Alternatives for iOS


Deezer is sometimes called Spotify Twin. It has exact same features as Spotify. Also, you can find all the music genres available in the Deezer app. Of course, all the music available in the Deezer app is free to hear.


MusicUp is mostly like Spotify but the slight change is that most of the songs can be heard through the available radio stations. These radio stations are divided into categories like Work out, relaxing, sleeping, etc.


BandCamp app is especially dedicated to indie artists where they can upload their music and labels. You can enjoy new country music in the app for free. Also, the BandCamp app is available for all the devices such as Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows PC.

YouTube Music

YouTube also offers a separate app known as YouTube Music which is dedicated especially to music. You can hear music alone or along with video too. YouTube Music app can also be downloaded and used for free but to use the app without advertisements then you have to subscribe to the paid plan.


Soundcloud is one of the best online streaming websites available. You can literally stream the music of any artist for free. Music in Souncloud is available in two qualities. For good and best quality, you need to subscribe to the paid plan of Soundcloud.

Why Spotify++ stands out?

Spotify++ has a massive selection of songs to choose from. It boasts over 30 million tracks in its library, which is more than double the number of tracks that Apple Music has. This means that you are sure to find whatever song you are looking for on Spotify.

In addition to its large library of songs, Spotify++ also has a great selection of playlists. There are thousands of playlists on Spotify++, covering every genre. Whether you are looking for a workout playlist, a chill playlist, or a party playlist, you will be able to find it on Spotify++.

How to Uninstall Spotify++ on iOS?

  • First of all, just go to the apps deck and click on entertainment bubble.
  • Now, you will be able to see the Spotify++ icon.
  • Just click on it and hold.
  • You will get an option to Remove Spotify++ and tap on it.
  • Now click on ‘Delete Spotify++‘ and the application will get uninstalled.

Spotify++ on iOS | FAQs:

Q - Can we install Spotify++ on iOS devices directly from the App store?

No, you cannot. Spotify++ is a mod of the Spotify app and it is not available in the app store. To install the Spotify++ app without jailbreaking then you need to use any third-party installers such as TutuApp. You can update and delete the app directly from the TuTuApp itself.

Q - What is the price of the Spotify++ iOS app?

The Spotify++ app is completely free to download and use. You can hear unlimited songs with unlimited shuffles and also you can also enable song repeat which is a premium feature in Spotify.

Q - Which one is better Spotify++ or Pandora?

Spotify++ and Pandora are two different things. With pandora, you can search for new music that suits your taste and with Spotify++, you can hear those songs that you have discovered.

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Final Words:  Download Spotify++ MOD Hack on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

These were the steps to get Spotify++ on iOS devices from TopStore without jailbreak. If you happen to face any issues during the installation process or while using the application, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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