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Live or Die: Survival MOD is an action shooter game where you have to shoot zombies to live. If you fail to shoot them, you fail or die. It is an open-world game where you can explore all the places on the map. You can build a home anywhere on the map and upgrade it. You can also build your motorbike to travel the area and collect items. Furthermore, you have to equip yourself to survive the post-world apocalypse.

Live or Die: Survival MOD

There are many bunkers in the game where you can collect new items and explore. The most interesting part about the game is that you can also raid other survivor camps, where you can collect many items. Must check article: Get iSpoofer Pokemon Go on iOS/Android (Pokemon Go Hack).


 Live or Die: Survival Hack iOS | Features:

All the features of the game are available in the free version itself. But you can use Live or Die: Survival HACK to explore all the paid features of the game.

  • God mode: You can enable God mode in the game using the Live or Die: Survival Hack. Using the God mode, you will never be hurt or out of ammo.
  • Make weapons: In the game, you can choose default weapons or create new ones using the available items.
  • Defend yourself and your home: The main theme of the game is to defend yourself and your home from zombies.
  • Survive the Apocalypse: Survival is the main concept of the game. You have to survive the zombies around your area and complete the tasks.
  • Get unlimited gold: You need not purchase gold from the store. You will have unlimited gold by using the hack app.
  • Get Infinite Energy.
  • Unlimited Water & Hunger Stats.
  • Infinite Durability.
  • Unlimited Money.

More Information about Live or Die Survival Hack

App NameLive or Die Survival
Size186 MB
CategoryGames (MOD)
OS RequirementiOS & macOS 11.0 or Later
Device CompatibilityiPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac
Content Rating17+

Install Live or Die: Survival Hack iOS using TopStore

To install Live or Die: Survival Hack game on your iOS device without jailbreaking, you will need a third-party app installer like TopStore. Here, let us explain to you the steps to install Live or Die: Survival MOD using the TopStore application.

  • First, let’s install the TopStore application on your iOS device using the TopStore profile. Download and install the TopStore profile from the official website.

   TopStore VIP Download

  • After installing the profile, go to the settings on your iOS device. In settings, choose General. There you have to select Profile and Device Management. You can see the TopStore profile there. Tap on Trust near the profile.
  • Now you can launch the TopStore application from the home screen of the device.
  • After launching the app, you can search for the Live or Die: Survival MOD in the search box.

live or die survival hack

  • Click on the GET button near the first result. It will start installing the app.

live or die survival hack get

  • Once the Live or Die: Survival MOD is installed, you have to trust this app. So go to Settings → General → Profile and Device Management. Tap on Trust near the Live or Die: Survival Hack app.

click install and continue

  • You can play the game by launching the application from the home screen of your iOS device.

Note: Installing apps using the TopStore application will not require jailbreaking your device, thus your device warranty is not affected.

Game Plot

A virus outbreak has brought the mankind to the brink of extinction, people started turning into zombies and the virus is spreading faster. Few people are lucky enough to be alive, they have to co-operate with each other in order to survive.

Game Play

The game provides an in-game tutorial when you open the game for the first time. The player will have no clothes, no food, no shelter, no weapons at the beginning. Crafting tools is the most important aspect of the game. The player needs to have access to blueprints and other apparatus to craft weapons. Crafting includes items like Health packs, and weaponry tools that can be used to kill zombies. Explore different locations in the game in order to collect valuable resources. Rocky hills, pine forests, Military bases, graveyards, Radar stations and many other places are available to explore. There are total of 3 kinds of danger zones in the game, they are indicated as green, orange, red zones. Green zone has lesser and weaker zombies, whereas red zone has the large number of dangerous zombies. One thing to keep in mind is that, A player has to be a killer machine to survive in this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does Live or Die: Survival Hack works well in low-end devices?

Live or Die: Survival works well even in devices that have minimum configurations. You can play the game without much lag.

Q - What are the upcoming features in Live or Die: Survival Hack?

The Multiplayer features will be available soon. You can also have a pet near your while you fight your way through the zombies. You will also be able to form clans with your friends.

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Live or Die: Survival MOD on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

I hope you have understood the methods and steps to install Live or Die: Survival MOD on your iOS devices without jailbreaking and by using the TopStore application. If you have any problems in installing the Live or Die: Survival Hack application, then you can let us know about it through the comment section below. We will help you to install the application without any delay.

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