[FIX] TopStore has stopped working, Unable to Download, Revoke Errors

Though TopStore is comparatively new as compared to other third-party app stores, it has gained immense popularity in a short period of time. Almost, all the third-party iOS apps and games are available on TopStore.

However, in its initial stages, it seems like mandatory for a platform to face its fair share of issues and TopStore is no stranger to this. Lately, users are facing issues such as TopStore not installing, unable to download, TopStore not working, and other errors.

Fix – TopStore has stopped working, Unable to Download, Profile Installation Failed Errors

In this post, we are going to share with you the primary errors that the TopStore users are facing worldwide along with their fixes. Check this: Download TopStore VIP APK APP on Android (LATEST).

 TopStore – Unable to Download [FIX]

In the majority of the cases, the issue that ‘TopStore couldn’t be installed this time’ comes up if any other prior version of TopStore is already present in your smartphone. If this is the case, please uninstall the old version and thereafter try again to install the current version.

In another case, if there is no prior version of TopStore VIP present on your smartphone, please try clearing the cache of your device and check whether you have free space left on your device or not. After clearing the cache or freeing up space, please make sure you restart your device before trying to install TopStore once again.

 TopStore – White Screen/Blank Screen Error [FIX]

If you are seeing a white screen when you launch TopStore, we understand that it can be very irritating.

Topstore White Screen Issue

To fix the white screen issue, simply navigate to Settings -> Safari Browser and tap on ‘Clear Website Data.’

TopStore – Stopped Working [FIX]

If all of a sudden you are noticing that TopStore has stopped working, it means that the application certificate cannot be verified. In this case, please uninstall TopStore from your device. Thereafter, reinstall the platform. After reinstalling, prior to launching the application, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the certificate of the platform. Launch TopStore and start downloading your favorite third-party applications once again.

TopStore – Invalid Argument Supplied Error [FIX]

In this case, also you require uninstalling and thereafter reinstalling TopStore on your smartphone. After the reinstallation is successful, please restart your device.

topstore invalid argument

Thereafter, please launch Settings of TopStore and check whether there are any updates available for the platform. If updates are present please process the same. TopStore will start working properly now.

TopStore – Profile Installation Failed [FIX]

This issue crops up when the Apple servers are dealing with a lot of traffic. Simply, wait for a while and then try installing TopStore again. However, if the installation still doesn’t start, follow the below steps:

  • Turn Airplane mode ON.
  • Launch Settings and go to Safari.
  • Tap on ‘Clear History and Website Data.’
  • Tap on ‘Clear History and Data.’



  • Please toggle OFF Airplane mode.
  • Wait for 5 minutes before trying to install TopStore again.
  • This time the installation will definitely start.

TopStore – Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error [FIX]

This error crops up when you are trying to launch TopStore VIP without trusting the profile.

untrusted enterprise

Please trust the profile of TopStore in Settings -> General -> Profiles and then launch TopStore from the home screen of your iOS device.

TopStore Revoked [FIX]

Apple routinely revokes the certificates of TopStore and other third-party iOS app installers. You require waiting until the developers erect a new certificate. You can also utilize Anti-Revoke tools to prevent the same issue from occurring again.

TopStore – Unable to download apps and games [FIX]

If your internet connection is not working properly you might face the highlighted issue. In such cases, please reset the internet connectivity on your device before trying to install an application again from the platform. In worst cases, there might be no space left on your device. Please check the remaining space on your device before trying to launch TopStore again.

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Fix – TopStore Not Working, Unable to Download & All Errors

These were the primary issues that the users of TopStore are facing. If you are facing a different issue which is not present in this guide, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below and we will provide the fix of the same for you.


50 thoughts on “[FIX] TopStore has stopped working, Unable to Download, Revoke Errors”

  1. Hey thank you for this guide and I am a HUGE fan/supporter of TopStore! However recently (September 03 2019) when you try to download certain game applications a completely different game will download instead. Specifically when downloading Toca Life: World , an app called Asphalt9 will download instead. I did try other games as well and had the same issue. Just wondering if I can somehow find the game I want by downloading a different app or if there’s a way to reset this and solve the problem or if we just have to wait for the developers. Thank you so much in advance and for this guide already!!

  2. It wont let me download my game even after i cleared my history AND deleted most of my other apps i’ve waited for 3 days to try again and that doesn’t work i have also used the wifi and air plane mode method and that didn’t work either so i have come to the conclusion that “Topstore” is a waste of time 🙂

  3. Downloading issue the top store downloads but it says unable to install “top store” please try again later. Can you fix this please I’ve tried every alternative but nothing seems to be working

  4. It’s downloaded but it’s not it says the name of the app/game but when I click on it it won’t do any thing at all please help

    • Apps downloaded successfully but crash immediately after opening app. Have tried clearing cache, restarting phone, reinstalling too store, but the issue persists.

  5. Says “ Unable to Download Clash of Clans Hack. Please try again later.” It has been saying that for almost a month. My device have lot of extra storage and I have a strong WIFI connection.
    Please fix

  6. I was able to download TopStore and the tweaked app I wanted however after the tweaked app has been installed, it isn’t working. It goes on a black screen

    • Hey, It might got revoked, we are fixing it. Please try again in some time and it will get fixed.

      Thanks for reporting.

      • My phone didn’t able to Install any of apps without App Store, my phone is iPhone 7, operating system is 13.7 can you help me Please.

        Downloaded top store, but it says app is not installed try again later….
        How can I fix this?

  7. TopStore installed without issues, but then tried installing iTransmission and getting: Unable to Install. This app cannot be installed because it’s integrity cannot be verified,

  8. I am having a different problem. I can download the app and everything and when it’s done downloading I go to my settings and trust the app but when I go back to my Home Screen and click on the app it won’t let me go into it. It will say it can’t verify the app and I need to be connected to WiFi which I am and my wife work perfectly fine so I’m not sure what’s going on

  9. I have downloaded the app but when I try to get a game it downloads but won’t open as it has a pop up that says cannot download app as it’s integrity cannot be verified

  10. TopStore downloads and install without any problem but am not able to verify the app even with strong internet connection and also anytime you download an app and you try to open it they say unable to install please please try again. I’ve tried for three days yet the same problem please I need help.

  11. Am I doing something wrong 5 times I tried everything all security off etc nothing not even trying to download yeah iOS brill what about Android left out again

  12. Hi, I successfully installed top store in my iPhone 7 but when I open the app it says network error but my Wi-Fi is working fine. I can’t find a solution

  13. Hi this is my problem
    Unable to Verify App
    An internet connection is required to verify trust of the developer “iPhone Distribution: Beijing Ugirls Co., Ltd.”.
    This app will not be available until
    And when I go to settings, profile
    Topstore is not signed.
    So please how can I signed up Topstore to function well.
    Thank you


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