Smule VIP Free iOS Download – (PRO MOD UNLOCKED)

Are you good at singing? Now, you can improve your skills by downloading this awesome music app called Smule VIP. It is a premium version of Smule that gives you an awesome platform to sing your favourite songs with the karaoke available in its database. There are many voice effects and modulations available in Smule VIP. Now, you can access them all for free using Smule VIP free on iOS.

Smule VIP Free Download on iOS

You can download Smule VIP for free on iOS devices. However, you will need a different app store alternative to do this. TopStore for iOS is the best app installer to install hacked and tweaked apps for free. In this article, we have provided you with a simple method to download Smule VIP free on iOS using TopStore. Checkout this Modded version of most popular music platform : Spotify++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [PREMIUM UNLOCKED].


Smule VIP Free | Feature:

The latest Smule VIP Hack has tons of features to improve your singing skills. The user interface of the app is simple and amazing. You can find the features listed below and many more using the Smule VIP Hack on iOS.

  • You can get unlimited solo tracks to sing along with.
  • The app lets you add voice effects and variations after singing.
  • You will also get a great collection of filters and visual effects to make your videos more interesting.
  • It lets you upload your song to the Smule Songbook so that others can join you in a duet.
  • You can download songs and share them across different platforms.

All these features are available for free with Smule VIP on iOS devices. You can add pitch corrections, vocal effects, etc and make the best songs using this amazing app.

Information About Smul MOD VIP Unlocked

App NameSmule VIP MOD
CategoryTweaked Apps
Publisher NameUnknown
CompatibilityiOS 13.0 and Later
FeaturesVIP Unlocked
Age Limit12+
License TypeFreemium
Available onTopStore

Download Smule VIP Free on iOS using TopStore

If you love singing, Smule VIP for Free is an essential app on your iOS. Now, you can download Smule VIP for free on iOS using TopStore. It is a third-party app store alternative that offers mods and hacks to download on iDevices. Follow the steps given below to do this.

  • First of all, you have to take the Safari browser and go to the given link.

   TopStore App Download

  • You will be navigated to the download page of TopStore, where you have to hit the Install button.
  • Upon downloading TopStore, go to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option. Trust TopStore profile.
  • You have to launch TopStore on iOS and search for Smule VIP Free.

smule VIP Hack on iOS

  • Please select the app and then tap on Install to download Smule VIP Hack.

smule vip free hack

  • Move to Settings, take the Profile & Device Management option and Trust Smule VIP profile.

How To Uninstall Smule VIP From iPhone

Method 1:

  • Find out Smule MOD app icon on your device and long press on it.
  • When apps start wiggling Tap on the minus icon on top-left corner.
  • A small popup window will appear with 3 options, Tap on delete.
  • Enter passcode.
  • Again Tap on Delete.

Since you have downloaded this App from a third party source, you may have to delete manually from the Settings. Hence

Method 2:

  • Go to device Settings> General>Profiles.
  • Tap on Smule’s Configuration Profile, Tap on delete option.
  • Enter passcode (If Asked)> Tap Delete.

That’s it.  Also checkout this link to watch world’s most popular tv Channels for free.

iPlayTV on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – Download – TopStore VIP

Best Smule Alternatives on iOS

Smule is a great music platform that is initially available on different platforms such as iOS, Android, tvOS. Smule application originated from America and the name “Smule” word is taken from the name “Sing” as a phrase. After its great launch on different platforms in the year 2012, it started its expansion of the music experience in 2016 by including the web patterns. Smule application is now the most lovable platform for many singers and singing learners out there.

Karaoke Mugen

Karaoke Muge Hack for iPhone

Karaoke Mugen is the great alternative platform of Smule which is a free and open-source network that depends on the playlist manager to play a video or audio for karaoke. The word “Karaoke” is taken from the Japanese language. Being open-source it has complete control over the playlists of a user which can also be reorganized by different features like adding, removing, importing, exporting, copying, and shuffling.

Sing Plus

Sing+ Hack for iOS

Sing Plus is free to install and simply allows a user to choose a song they want to sing the lyrics followed by the rhythm of the music. This application helps the user to follow the beat of the song that enables them to record the voice of the user conveniently and easily.

Kanto Karaoke

Kanto karaoke for iPhone

Kanto Karaoke is used as a musical tool that helps the user to allow and set up their convenience environment at their home to record their musical performances. This musical tool supports different multimedia formats such as Mid, Kar, Mp3 + Cdg, MP3, etc. These formats act like reliable tools which allow one to enjoy the feel of the music.


Karafun Mod for iPhone

KaraFun is accessed through an online web where a user can sing their favorite Karaoke tunes from their web browsers. KaraFun also provides access for a simple subscription into the karaoke catalog which consists of 45k + tracks which are categorized into 30 genres. This catalog is designed with accurate and quality-based features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install Smule VIP on your iOS device for free?

To install the Smule VIP app for free then you have to use any third-party app store to download and install Smule VIP else you have to pay for the app.

2. How to delete Smule Chat history in the Smule VIP app?

Open the chat and touch the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the app to open the menu. Tap on the “Clear chat” option.

3. Is it possible to track our Smule profile viewers using Smule VIP?

No, it is not possible to find the person who has visited your profile. But you can see the number of times your song is streamed by others.

4. Is it really worth paying for Smule VIP?

If you can afford the monthly subscription then you can pay and download from the official app store or you can download for free from app stores like TopStore and TuTuApp.

5. How to use the Collab feature in Smule VIP?

Once you select the song, click on the invite button. If anyone wants to collab they can now join you.

6. Does the Smule VIP app allows song download?

At present Smule VIP does not allow you to download songs. But with a tweaked version of the app, Smule VIP will let you download the songs after you have sung the song.

Check out:

Final Words – Download Smule VIP Free on iPhone & iPad

With the latest Smule VIP on iOS, you can enjoy singing like never before. There are many editing tools, pitch corrections and vocal effects available in the app. Download Smule VIP for free using TopStore on iOS and enjoy it.

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