Kik++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [MOD]

Download & Install Kik++ on iOS (iPhone & iPad) with TopStore App: Nowadays,  various instant messaging Apps have made it very easy for its users to connect to people around the globe, and that too just with a click. While several instant messaging apps are available on the internet today, Kik stands out among them.

Kik++ App on iOS
Kik++ App on iOS

Kik is a user-friendly and unique instant messaging app that helps its users stay connected with their friends and family in this fast-paced life. The most striking feature of Kik is that it even allows its users to chat with random people across the globe without sharing their contact numbers. The users can, in addition to their contacts, connect to other random people worldwide just by using their username without sharing their contact number. Like other instant messaging Apps, Kik also allows its users to share photos, videos, gifs, etc., with their contacts. Instagram++ App is one of my favourite tweaked applications, which I downloaded from our favourite third-party store, TopStore.


Features | Kik++ App on iOS

On successfully downloading and installing of Kik++ App, iOS users can enjoy features like:

  • Simple and better user interface
  • Option to hide last seen and “Online” status.
  • Option to disable delivery and read receipts of the messages sent to others.
  • Best quality video calls.
  • member of the group of your interest and much more.

Kik++ iOS App Info:

However, Kik still has some limitations in its functionality. Still, Kik ++, a tweaked and modified version of the same App for iOS device users, offers many more features than Kik without compromising its users’ privacy and safety. Kik ++ users can download iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) from TopStore App at no extra cost.

App NameKik++
CategorySocial Networking
Last updated02/01/23
Compatible iOS 10 & Later (iPhone, iPad & iPod)

TopStore is a third-party source. It is similar to the original App Store. TopStore App allows its users to access variously tweaked, hacked, or modified versions of various Apps, for their iOS devices, which are not available on the original App Store. The iOS device users can download and install  TopStore App and other Apps from TopStore App without jailbreaking their iOS device.

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Download & Install Kik++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

The iOS (iPhone or iPad) device users can download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App by following steps:

  • Uninstall the original Kik App from the iOS device, if already installed.
  • Visit below official site from their iOS device.

   Download TopStore App

  • Download and Install the TopStore App from the website stated in step 2.
  • Allow access to TopStore App by clicking on “Trust” in the device management option in the general settings feature of the iOS device.

Topstore iOS trust profile

  • Launch TopStore App. It has a user interface similar to the original App Store.
  • Type Kik++ in the search bar of the TopStore App and click on “Search”.
Search 'Kik++'
Search ‘Kik++’
  • Click on Kik++ App from the search results.
  • Click on the “Get/Install” option to download and install Kik++ App.
    Get 'Kik++ on iOS'
    Get ‘Kik++ on iOS’
  • Once it get’s downloaded, we have to trust the application i settings before launching it from home screen.
  • That’s it. Launch and enjoy the new extra features with Kik++ on your iOS devices.

Install KiK++ via Altstore [WORKING]

To install KiK++ on an iOS devices we would need the help of AltStore. The other thing we would need to download KiK++ on iOS is the IPA file. Just follow our guide below to install it easily.

  • Go to your browser and search for the below link for  AltStore.

  • Once AltStore is installed, go to Settings > Profile, and change the profile of AltStore to ‘trusted’.
  • We would need a Kik++ IPA file to install it. So click here to download the IPA file of App.


  • Once you have App IPA file, open AltStore and go to ‘My Apps’ section. Click on ‘+’ button.
  • Now find the IPA file on your device (that we just installed), and let the application get installed.
  • If you were prompted to enter your Apple ID credentials, do it.
  • After Kik++ is installed, go to Settings > Profile, and change the profile of App to ‘trusted’.
  • You can find the application in the ‘My Apps’ section of AltStore and on the home screen.

That’s it! This is how you can easily install this on iOS using AltStore.

Best Kik++ Alternatives for iOS

Kik++ has been one of the most explored messaging applications. With its mod version, people feel a lot easy to explore the features. But at the end of the day, many people look for some fantastic alternatives of Kik++. So here we are with some of the best alternative applications for Kik.


Telegram has been the talk since it gives a wide range of features with the anonymity of user presence. The application is widely used to announce and distribute information that people want to keep secure.


Who haven’t used WhatsApp? With the mod version, you can explore a wide range of features that you were missing. The user interface of WhatsApp is adapting and helps you navigate easily.


For media sharing and chats such as video calls and voice calls, Imo is one of the best applications that you would use as Kik alternative.


Empathy is an open-source application with a varied range of features. Using different protocols, you can use it to transfer various files, audio, and media. It has been taking charge recently and would be one of the best alternatives for Kik++.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kik++ App?

Kik++ App is an instant messaging app, it’s a tweaked version of the original Kik App.

What is the purpose of Kik++ App?

Kik++ App allows its users, to chat with anyone around the globe, to enter into groups and chatroom’s, to video call and voice call to contacts, etc.

Is Kik++ App safe?

Kik++ App is safe and secure as it doesn’t require the users to disclose their contact number, the users can use a username to register on the App.

Is Kik++ App free App?

Yes, its absolutely free and can be downloaded from TopStore App.

Do I need to jail break my iOS device to download and install TopStore App?

No, TopStore App can be downloaded and installed without jail breaking the iOS device.

How to download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App on my iOS device?

Just follow the simple steps elaborated in this article to download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App on your iOS device.

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Final Words – Kik++ Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad) 

So, don’t waste time, download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App on your iOS device to enjoy its cool features and begin your chats with friends, family and strangers across the globe.

Thank You.

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