Instagram++ iOS Free Download – (UNLOCKED MOD)

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social media application. However, users long for more features in the stock Instagram application. If you are one of these users, then you will, indeed, love the experience of using Instagram++ on your iOS device. Instagram++ is a tweaked version of the stock application. Apart from the features present in the stock application, the tweaked version contains a multitude of other fantastic features. In this post, we will share with you the steps to install Instagram++ on iOS from TopStore VIP Free.

Instagram++ Free Download for iPhone
Instagram++ for iOS

TopStore is a 3rd party App Store that houses tweaked and modified iOS applications that do not get to see the light of day on the official App Store. However, before we proceed further, please check out some of the major features of Instagram++. Check Out: Twitter++ iOS Download for free on iOS.


Instagram++ on iOS | Features

With Instagram++ present on your device, you can hide comments in full feed view, hide bio info in your profile, spoof followers, as well as the following count, plus get a full-screen view of the application.

  • Share videos/photos using a built-in iOS share sheet.
  • Download videos/photos to your iOS camera roll.
  • Double-tap on thumbnails to share/download.
  • Re-Gram videos and photos.
  • Download media.
  • Copy/Share Text.
  • Always play video sound in full feed.
  • Confirm double tap to like.
  • Password protects the Instagram app.
  • Disable DM read receipts.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts.

More Information About Instagram++  App

CategoryTweaked Apps
OS RequirediOS 11.0 or Later
Device CompatibilityiPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Age Limit12+(Teen)

Do the features impress you? If your answer is a big fat ‘Yes’ then proceed with the steps to install Instagram++ on your iOS device. Please note that you have to uninstall the stock Instagram application to install the tweaked version.

Install Instagram++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad] No Jailbreak

  • First, please launch the Safari browser and navigate to the following URL.

   Topstore VIP

Alternative Link 1:   Direct Download Config Profile Link 1

Alternative Link 2:     Download Profile Config Link 2

Alternative Link 3:     Download Profile Config Link 3

Alternative Link 4:    Download Profile Config Link 4

  • Wait for the webpage to load and you will see a button ‘Install TopStore VIP Free.’
    Install TopStore VIP on iOS
    Install TopStore VIP on iOS
  • Tap on the button and install the profile of TopStore on your iOS device.
  • Trust the profile and launch TopStore VIP Free.
  • Search for Instagram++.
    Instagram++ - TopStore
    Instagram++ – TopStore
  • Next, You will see a quick prompt window asking “Get Instagram++” on iOS. Tap on Get it.
    Instagram++ Install on iOS - TopStore VIP
    Instagram++ Install on iOS – TopStore VIP
  • Install Instagram++ in the same way you install an application from the official App Store.
    Instagram++ Install via TopStore
    Instagram++ Install via TopStore
  • Don’t forget to trust the profile of Instagram++ prior to launching the application.

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Install Instagram++ IPA on iPhone with AltStore

  • Visit website, Download & Install AltStore on your iOS device using a PC.
  • Download the Instagram++ IPA file on your iOS device.

   Download the Instagram++ IPA file

   Download IG Plus from GitHub

  • Open AltStore App on your iOS device and Go to the MyApps section.
  • Click on the + icon in the top-left corner.

Import page on AltStore - iPhone

  • Tap on the Instagram++ IPA file from the list of displayed IPA files.
  • Enter Your Apple Credentials if it asks, and submit.

Enter Your Apple Credentials here

  • The installation process will complete in a few moments & You can find the app on your device’s home screen and AltStore’s MyApps section.
  • Now Go to Settings > General > Profiles (VPN) & Device Management on your iOS device, tap on Apple ID and Trust it.

Trust an app's profile on iOS from Device Settings

[FIX] Instagram++ iOS crashing on TopStore?

Instagram++ is an amazing mod that gives you advanced features and privacy settings in the app. This app is downloaded from TopStore which is an app store alternative for iOS and is not actually supported by the Apple servers. This is why there is a chance that Instagram++ on iOS may get crashed after download. In order to fix this issue, it is recommended that you use a VPN while downloading TopStore and apps from it. This will successfully hide the certificates of the apps and hence, it won’t get revoked.

You won’t face any other issues while using the app. Instagram++ will work fine on your iDevices. TopStore is also downloaded from an external source which makes the certificate visible to the servers. So, a VPN must be turned on during the download so that the profile remains protected from the servers.

Instagram Alternatives on iOS

Instagram is been the youth choice of a social media platform. It has great features such as sharing media content, followers, and various communicative features. But if you are looking to use something new, here are some amazing Instagram alternatives.


TikTok app for iPhone

TikTok allows people to share minute-long videos and gain followers. Many people in this pandemic have used this trending app for its addictive features. You can surely give it a try. There are a lot of filters that you will enjoy using through TikTok.


Pinterest app for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Pinterest is another amazing media-sharing application that will stun you with its feature. If you want to get new ideas for anything, Pinterest is your one place to go. So make sure to explore the social platforms using Pinterest.


Reddit app for iOS devices

Reddit is an amazing addictive application that gives you new, trendy, and continuous content to choose from. The application is pretty famous as it has been online for decades. It has quality social platform features that you may be seeking.


Twitter for iOS - Social Media App

Twitter is another social media platform that is used for official purposes. It is a trendsetter. All the celebrities use it for official announcement purposes. You can use it as the perfect alternative to TikTok.

 Instgram++ iOS | FAQs

Q - Is it possible to view Private account photos on Instgram++?

No, it is 100% not possible to view the photos of private profiles on Instagram without following them even with Instgram++. The only way to view those private photos is to send a follow request to the person and get accepted.

Q - How to save photos or videos in Instgram++?

You can see a download button near the save button of every image or video in your Instagram feed. You can simply tap on it to save the respective photo or video in your gallery directly. Depending on the size of the video you might have to wait until the download is over.

Q - Can I use both Instagram and Instgram++ on the same device?

No. Though you can use both Instagram and Instgram++ on the same device, it is not advised to use them on a single device. The chances of getting banned are high. So you have to uninstall the original Instagram before installing Instgram++.

Q - Can we hide the read receipts in Instgram++?

Yes, you can hide the read receipts in Instgram++. This is one of the best features of Instgram++. You can disable them by settings -> DM Stories Settings -> Disable DM read receipts.

Modified Versions of Social Media Apps for iOS devices

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Facebook++ on iOS on iPhone/iPad.

WhatsApp++ iOS Download on [FREE].

SnapChat++ for iOS FREE Download.

Final Words: TopStore Instagram++ on iOS – Without Jailbreak

In case you face any issues while installing the application, please let us know in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.



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  1. It doesn’t let me download instagram ++ or any other app, please fix this. The box just goes gray and when I click on it, it says “unable to download instagram ++ please try again later”

  2. It doesn’t let me download instagram ++ or any other app, please fix this. The box just goes gray and when I click on it, it says “unable to download instagram ++ please try again later”

  3. Apple’s recent updates detect unregistered software and eventually prevent you from using it. I actually was able to download it and it worked, but only for about a few hours. After that, the profile for the app was suddenly unverified and it said that I required an internet connection in order to verify it again, despite being connected to the internet already. Apple keeps their security and control of 3rd party software on lock, just due to iOS being much more closed source.

    • Follow the step by step guide to Get Instagram++ on iOS, buddy. It’s working for everyone out there and do let us know if you face any issues.

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