Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hack on iOS (iPhone & iPad) – [MOD + CHEATS]

Grand Theft Auto is an exceedingly known name in the world of gaming. Mischief and lawlessness are synonymous with the game. Hence, using some pretty good hacks to complete the missions in the game seems justified. In this post, we are bringing you GTA San Andreas Hack for iOS.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hack Download on iOS

You can download the hacked version of the game for free. The good thing is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iOS device for installing the hacked version. The GTA SA Hack has great features like God mode, limitless money, infinite ammo, and access to all types of weapons. For downloading the GTA SA Hack on your iPhone/iPad, you require installing TopStore on your iOS device. TopStore, as you might know, is a third-party App Store that serves as a platform to download hacked, modified, and modded iOS applications and games. In order to get to experience the complete range of features available in the GTA SA Hack, you require installing the same on your iPhone/iPad. Follow the below steps to install the hacked version on your iPhone/iPad. Check out: Clash of Clans Hack Download on iOS [Unlimited GEMS] – 2021.

Install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD on iOS

Apart from GTA SA MOD, you will find the hacked versions of various other games on TopStore as well. Apart from the features mentioned above, you must know that the additional missions in the game like Paramedic Missions, Fire Fighter missions, Vigilante Missions, and other side missions are 100% complete in this hacked version of GTA SA. Hence, you get to enjoy all the prizes that come along with the 100% completion of these missions like maximum health, maximum armour, and your character CJ is fully fireproof.

  • Install TopStore on your iPhone/iPad from the below-given link.

   TopStore App

  • Those who don’t know the installation steps for TopStore can refer to the same from the above link.
  • Trust the profile of TopStore.
  • Launch TopStore and conduct a search for GTA SA Hack or GTA San Andreas hack.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hack

  • Click the appropriate search result to go to the installation screen.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hack on iOS

  • Tap on ‘Install’ to initiate the download and installation process for GTA SA Hack.

iNSTALL Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hack

  • Trust the profile of GTA SA Hack after successful installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How to get infinite health in GTA SA Hack?

In the game, there is no such thing called infinite health. But when you use the hack, you will get infinite health. Even if you get hurt your health won’t reduce. You can also get infinite armor using the cheat. Enable the Infinite health and Infinite Armour checkbox in the hack. Now open the game and enjoy the unlimited armor and health.

Q - Why do I get an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error when I open GTA SA Hack?

You get the error because you haven't trusted the GTA SA Hack profile in the settings. After you install the GTA SA Hack, go to Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management. Near to the GTA SA Hack, you can see a small “Trust” button. Click on it. Now you can open the app without the Untrusted enterprise developer error.

Q- Will Rockstar ban our account if we use this cheat on to Play GTA SA online?

Nope, they won't BAN your account if you use the same to play GTA SA Online. But, make sure that you turn off your WiFi before you launch the game. Once you launch the game and when the Online Mode comes up. just enable WiFi and this will hide you from Cheat Detection.

Q - Does it require the device to be a JailBroken one?

Nope, you don't have to jailbreak your device in order to install GTA SA MOD. It can be installed on any iPhone/iPad.

How to Enter the Cheat Codes on GTA SA on iPhone/iPad?

Actually, the cheats are pre-loaded in this Modded version we provide, but to activate some cheats you will be required to enter the codes manually with the help of a sticky keyboard aka virtual keyboard. It can be downloaded from the App store and it’s easy to use. Some of the codes are Full Invincibility: “GONPXWR“, Complete Current Mission: “BYIXZIY“, Weapon Set 4: “BIEUHQY.

Final Words – Download GTA SA Hack on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – MOD

These are the steps to download and install GTA SA Hack for free on iPhone/iPad from TopStore. Go ahead and launch the hacked version on your iOS device. In case you have any questions or queries, please reach out to us via the comments section provided below. We are always there to help you out. Let us know about your experience of playing the hacked version of GTA SA as well.

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