Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS – FREE (UNLIMITED)

Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS: If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you must be familiar with the game Dragon Ball Legends on iOS. Dragon Ball Legends allows you to become one of the popular characters from Dragon Ball Z and participate in online PvP battles.

Dragon Ball Legends (DB Legends) Hack on iOS
Dragon Ball Legends (DB Legends) Hack on iOS

However, as you keep on progressing through the game, the challenges get hard and it becomes exceedingly tough to survive for experienced players as well. In this situation, you can utilize the Dragon Ball Legends Hack to continue progressing through the game and become the ultimate champion. You can download Dragon Ball Legends MOD free on iOS from TopStore. TopStore is a third-party application that serves as a good platform for downloading hacked, modified, and tweaked iOS applications and games. Check out this wonderful game – Injustice 2 Hack on iOS – Free Download [MOD – Unlocked].


Dragon Ball Legends Hack | Features:

These tweaked applications are not available on the original Apple App Store. The good thing is that you can download every application or game, including Dragon Ball Legends, without jailbreak from TopStore. Moving on, let us check out the features that you will get in the Dragon Ball Legends Hack.

Dragon Ball Legends Hack comes with a plenitude of features that not only improve your gameplay but also take it to all-new unimaginable levels. You become the champion player of the game. Check out the amazing features listed below.

  • Disable Enemy Attacks
  • No Swap Cooldown
  • Unlimited Platinum Coins
  • Unlimited Dual Coins
  • Unlimited Chrono Crystals
  • Unlimited Souls
  • Unlimited Zeni Available now
  • No Vanish Cooldown
  • No Ki Cost
  • AutoComplete All Challenges.

Dragon Ball Legends Hack Game on iOS - Unlimited - Unlocked

  • Infinite Zeni:

Zeni is one type of currency in the game. By using Zeni you can upgrade your characters and Weaponry, Equipment and Heroes. Zeni can also be earned by completing chapters in the Story.

  • Infinite Platinum Coins:

Among the many types of currencies used in the game Platinum Coins is one. Using this Dragon Ball Legends Hack you can acquire Unlimited Platinum Coins for free and can enjoy the hassle-free game. You can exchange Platinum Coins for Rare Items.

  • Infinite Chrono Crystals:

As we have already discussed a few types of trivial currency, Chrono Crystals are the main Currency of the game. There are some ways to earn Chrono Crystals too, like by completing missions and challenges you can earn up to 500 Chrono Crystals. But there is no need to take missions anymore if you use Dragon Ball Legends MOD. You will be credited Unlimited Chrono Crystals for free.

More Information About Dragon Ball Legends MOD

App NameDragon Ball Legends MOD
CategoryTweaked Games
Size135 MB
OS RequirediOS 9.3.3 or Later
Device CompatibilityiPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Dragon Ball Legends Official Game Features

  • Elegant UI:

One of the best qualities of this game is the beautiful user interface. It is designed in such a way that anybody can navigate through the game effortlessly. A tutorial is provided for the newcomers, it will help guide them to navigate through the game.

  • Multiple Characters:

Dragon Ball Legends game has many characters and they are as famous as the anime series. Popular characters from DBZ, DBGT, and DBS anime series are added to the game to make it more exciting. Characters who have the super siyan form abilities are Goku, Frieza, Bulma, Beerus, Whis, Trunks, and Gohan are the favourites of many players around the world.

  • Solo Gameplay:

Player vs Player(PvP) battle royale can only be played during specific time periods and it is only available in single-player mode. It is not possible to play with teams like PUBG and Free Fire. If you still want to play with your friend, you can play as his rival.

  • Using Art Cards to Attack Enemies:

An art Card is like a tool that can cause damage to the opponent when activated. These have to be used after attacking the enemy. Art Card can be used by combining with Ki to cause heavy damage to the enemy. The Cards can give extra abilities to the characters.

  • Character Upgradation:

As you progress forward in the game you can power up & upgrade characters to their full potential. With the help of upgraded characters, you can defeat enemies easily & rank up your levels to achieve many other things.

  • Reward Earnings:

Enter into Rating Matches to Compete against players from across the world using your favourite character. Win the match to earn rewards points.

Please note that all these features work on PvP. We guess you must be eager to download the Dragon Ball Legends Hack now. Following are the steps to download and install the hack on your iOS device without jailbreak.

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Install Dragon Ball Legends MOD on iOS [STEPS]

  • The initial step is to download and install the TopStore third-party application store on your iOS device. Please check out our post on the same from here: 

   TopStore App Download

  • After the successful installation of TopStore, do not forget to trust its profile prior to launching the application. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles to trust the profile.
  • Conduct a search for Dragon Ball Legends Hack and you will get the hacked version in the search results.

Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iPhone and iPad - TopStore

  • Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen.

Get dragon ball legends on iOS

  • Here you can read more about the hack. Please tap on ‘Install’ to download and install the hacked game on your iOS device.


  • Please note that you have to trust the profile of the Dragon Ball Legends hack as well prior to launching the game.
  • Now, launch the game and enjoy all the unlocked features.

DB Legends Mod Hack Free on iOS

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FAQ – Dragon Ball Legends(DB Legends Mod) iOS

Q - Is there a MOD for DB Legends ?

Yes, You can use this DB Legends Tweaked version from TopStore, it's verified from our end and pretty safe.

Q - Can You Use VPN on Dragon Ball Legends?

Yes, We suggest you to use VPN if you are using any modded or tweaked version of DB Legends on your iOS.

Q - How do you get Chrono Crystals fast in Dragon Ball Legends on iOS?

To complete any challenge, you need to chrono crystals in the game. If you user any modded version of DB Legends, you can get unlimited Chrono Crystals resources to use them in the game.

Q - Can you Hack Dragon Ball Legends Game?

Yes, you can see a lot of modded or tweaked versions of this game, but a lot of random available Hacks don't work. So, we developed this perfect DB Legends Mod for you. It's working hack for you.

Q - Is DB Legends Mod 100% Safe?

Yes, if you are downloaded it from our TopStore, and moreover we have not given any permissions or jailbreak our device to install this MOD. So, it's Dragon Ball Legends Hack is 100% safe.

Q - What do you do with Zeni in Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS?

If you are using souls, you can also use Zeni in Dragon Ball Legends Mod on iOS. Using these Zeni, you can upgrade your character, strengthen them, and you can also upgrade their equipment also. To get these unlimited Zeni, we highly suggest you to use our MOD version of DB Legends.

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Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS (Unlimited Chrono Crystals)

This was all regarding the hacked version of Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS. Let us know about your experience of using the hack in the comments section provided below. In case you face any issues while downloading, installing, or using the hack, reach out to us via the comments section. We will help you on a priority basis.

Thank You.

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