Download CineHub iOS App FREE [LATEST UPDATE]

The latest CineHub on iOS is a movie streaming app where you can stream all your favourite movies, serials, and TV shows. Not only local language movies, but you can also watch international movies in any language you want. You can stream movies of very high quality. Also, the latest episodes from many popular web series are available in the CineHub app. This app was launched after the shutting down of a similar streaming app called Terrarium TV. 

Cinehub App for Watching Free movies on iOS
Cinehub App for iOS

After the Terrarium TV shutdown, users shifted to the CineHub App. The CineHub app has all the features of the Terrarium TV and also some exclusive features which made the app very popular more than the Terrarium TV. Unlike the Terrarium TV app, the CineHub app on iOS is completely ad-free. You can watch all the movies without any interruption. This CineHub app doesn’t host any movie files or TV serial files on its own servers. They just scrape the streaming link from any other source and present you those links in high quality. Check Out: Nekkoto App Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad).


CineHub App on iOS | Features:

Some of the features of the CineHub app are very unique among the streaming apps. Here we have highlighted some of the important features of the CineHub.

  • Huge Collection of Movies and Shows: There are thousands of complete series and hundreds of thousands of movies available from all over the world.
  • Faster Streaming: Compared to other entertainment apps,  Streaming movies and series, on Cinehub is comparatively faster.
  • Better Organized: The content is organized into Genres, very neatly so that it will be easy to access and use.
  • Auto-Suggestion: Searching for a particular file became easier than ever before with the help of the Auto-Suggestion feature.
  • In-Built Video Player: Cinehub comes with its own in-built video player which is efficient in playing any codec.
  • Simple UI: The app has a simple user interface so that it is very easy to navigate even for novice users. The interface looks beautiful.
  • Backup Streaming Links – CineHub always provides you with two or more links to stream because streaming links can be blocked or suspended. So it is good to have a backup.
  • Subtitles – In other streaming apps you have to bring your own subtitles file and attach it to the video streaming link. But CineHub provides you with pre-downloaded subtitles. You can choose the subtitles and start watching.
  • Download movies to watch offline – CineHub app provides you with the facility to download movie files to your own devices. You can watch them when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • No registration required – In this app, you need not register yourself to watch the movies and serials. You can just install the app and start watching the videos.
  • Watch on bigger screens – Using Android’s Chromecast feature you can easily screen mirror them to bigger screens and watch them on Tv too.

Know more information about CineHub:

App NameCinehub
Size27 MB
Age Limit12+
Available for Android, iOS

Install CineHub App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

You have to Download the CineHub app on your iPhone or any iOS device using a third-party installer because this app is not available in the app store as you know. You need to install the TopStore app first and then use the TopStore app to install the CineHub on iOS.

  • Use your default browser (Safari) to download the latest Topstore for your iOS from the below-given link.

   TopStore App

  • Once you start the installation procedure, a pop-up will be shown on the screen with the install and cancel options. Tap on Install to proceed.
  • Now the app will be installed on the iOS device.
  • Before you open the app, you need to trust the profile of this TopStore app. To do that you need to open the settings app. Then in General, select Profile and Device Management.

Install TopStore VIP

  • There click on the “Trust” button near the TopStore app.
  • Now open the TopStore app, then in the search type “CineHub”.

cinehub - TopStore

  • Once the CineHub app appears in the result, click on the app. You can now see the “GET ” button near the CineHub app. Click on it to install the CineHub app.

latest cinehub

  • After the installation, you can launch the app from the icon in the home.

Hope you learned the way to install the CineHub app using the TopStore app.

Problems commonly faced by the Cinehub users

  • Low-Resolution downloads.
  • Server Crashing.
  • Removing videos due to Copyright strikes.
  • Popular content is unavailable because of Unauthorized access.
  • No multiple downloads option.
  • Redirect links leading to external websites.
  • Popup messages while downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cinehub

Q - Are people still using Cinehub?

Yes. Currently cinehub is working fine and people are using it to watch movies and shows though there are many alternatives.

Q - Is Cinehub Free?

Yes. Cinehub is totally free and there are no charges of any kind.

Q - Is Cinehub app infected with a virus?

Never heard about such news. Cinehub works fine and its Ad-Free there are no evidence until now.

Q - Does Cinehub has Ads in it?

No. Cinehub app is Ad-Free. The app also has a simple user-interface which is easy to navigate.

Q - Can't find a bookmarked video on Cinehub?

That must be because of a copyright strike or something like Unauthorized access revoke.

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Conclusion – CineHub App Download on iOS

These are simple and easy steps to install the CineHub app using the 3rd party installer TopStore. If you have any doubts make sure to leave them in the comments.

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