BitLife – Life Simulator Hack on iOS – [Unlimited Money & GOD MODE]

BitLife – Life Simulator Hack on iOS (iPhone/iPad) | Download from TopStore: While we cannot live a dual life in reality, you can actually live the same via a game. Known as BitLife – Life Simulator, this game gives you an opportunity to live a virtual life.

BitLife - Life Simulator Hack on iOS
BitLife – Life Simulator Hack on iOS

The game is text-based and it starts with you being a random character. Your life will move ahead based on the text-based selections that you will make. In this post, we are going to make the game a bit more interesting for you by sharing with you the steps to download and install BitLife – Life Simulator Hack on iOS. Also, check out: PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS(iPhone & iPad) No Jailbreak.

Why BitLife – Life Simulator Hack?

If you are here reading about BitLife Hack, then you probably already know that by opting to become a Bitizen, you can unlock more content like hiring hitmen, foreign pets, and more. However, for becoming a Bitizen, you need to shell out $4.99 as a one-time payment. Moreover, you need to earn cash while playing the game to progress in your virtual life.

The BitLife – Life Simulator MOD takes care of both these issues as by installing the BitLife Mod, you get infinite cash and free Bitizen purchase. You can check out: EonHub App Installer on iOS, if you want to use similar store like TopStore to get our BitLife – Life Simulator Hack for Free.

Features of BitLife –  Life Simulator Mod Information – 

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked bitizenship
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to install this MOD.

BitLife – Life Simulator Hack App Info:

App NameBitLife Life Simulator
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money & Unlock Bitizenship
Latest Versionv3.2.5
PlatformAndroid & iOS
CompatibilityiOS 8 & Later (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch)
Jailbreak Required?NO
License TypeFree

How to Download BitLife – Life Simulator Hacked Version?

To download BitLife Hack, you require utilizing the services of TopStore. TopStore is a third-party app store that caters to hacked, modified, and fully-cracked iOS apps that don’t get a chance to feature on the App Store. If you don’t have TopStore installed already on your iOS device, you can tap on the following link to check out the installation steps.

   Download TopStore VIP Free App

Install BitLife Simulator Hack(UNLOCKED) on iPhone [STEPS]

Before you can start with the installation process, please note that you have to uninstall the original app from your device. If you don’t wish to uninstall it then you can utilize the Custom Install option to install the new application as duplicate.

  • Launch TopStore on your iOS device.
    Launch TopStore App on iOS
    Launch TopStore App
  • An interface almost similar to the App Store will greet you.
  • Please perform a search for BitLife – Life Simulator.
    Search 'BitLife - Life Simulator Hack'
    Search ‘BitLife – Life Simulator Hack’
  • Wait for the search results to come up.
  • Tap on the listing to go to the app info screen where you can read more about the hack.
  • Hit the Install button to commence the installation process.
    Get 'BitLife Hack' on iOS
    Get ‘BitLife Hack’ on iOS
  • A pop-up will come up stating that TopStore wants to install BitLife – Life Simulator Hack on your iOS device. Please tap on Install once again.
Install 'BitLife - Life Simulator Hack'
Install ‘BitLife – Life Simulator Hack’
  • Now, go to the home screen of your iOS device to monitor the installation progress.
  • Once the installation completes, please navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of BitLife Hack.
  • That’t it. Now launch the game, and enjoy the unlocked premium features of BitLife – Simulator Hack Game on iOS.
BitLife - Life Simulator Hack Game on iPhone and iPad - FREE
BitLife – Life Simulator Hack Game on iPhone and iPad – FREE

That’s it! You have successfully installed BitLife modded version on your iOS device. Also, must check this guide on: Instagram++ Download on iOS – No Jailbreak Required(Awesome features unlocked here).

God Mode of BitLife – Overview

It’s the best feature that gives super powers to a player in the game. It has the ability to change the characters attributes as per your liking profile. This GodMode in BitLife – Simulator game is probably the most straight forward of achieving a full sandbox life simulator. Though it’s a paid feature, for which, you need to pay $4.99 to unlock this feature. It’s one time payment for life time.

GOD Mode - BitLife - Simulator Hack Game on iOS - FREE

If you use this modded or tweaked or unlocked version of BitLife – Life Simulator game, you’ll set God Mode premium package for FREE. This will give you powers to edit every character of your BitLife character. It also gives you power to change your gender, country,  social standing, DOB, and can have a 100% complete physical appearance and intelligence.

  • Unlimited editing of your character in the BitLife game.
  • Have power to edit game statistics.
  • You are guaranteed to enter the elite social groups.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Does BitLife Hack gives me a time-machine to revisit my choices?

Please note that the hack doesn’t provide a time-machine to revisit your choices. For that, you have to shell out $0.99.

Q – Is God Mode expansion pack available with BitLife – Life Simulator Hack?

No! The God Mode expansion pack will require you to shell out $2.99. As of now, the BitLife Hack only provides free Bitizen membership and infinite cash to easily make choices in your virtual life.

Q – Do I have to jailbreak my iOS device to Install BitLife MOD?

No! You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to install the modded version of BitLife – Life Simulator.

Is BitLife - Life Simulator Hack Safe?

Yes, It's absolutely a safe tweak we are using here. We did a lot of virus scans and malware tests, and we found nothing malicious in the hack. So, I would say, it's completely a safe application we are installing on our device.

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BitLife – Life Simulator Hack Download on iOS [Unlimited Money]

That was all regarding BitLife – Life Simulator Hack on iOS. If you have any further queries regarding the hacked version of BitLife, please reach out to us via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

Smule VIP Free iOS Download – (PRO MOD UNLOCKED)

Are you good at singing? Now, you can improve your skills by downloading this awesome music app called Smule VIP. It is a premium version of Smule that gives you an awesome platform to sing your favourite songs with the karaoke available in its database. There are many voice effects and modulations available in Smule VIP. Now, you can access them all for free using Smule VIP free on iOS.

Smule VIP Free Download on iOS

You can download Smule VIP for free on iOS devices. However, you will need a different app store alternative to do this. TopStore for iOS is the best app installer to install hacked and tweaked apps for free. In this article, we have provided you with a simple method to download Smule VIP free on iOS using TopStore. Checkout this Modded version of most popular music platform : Spotify++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [PREMIUM UNLOCKED].

Smule VIP Free | Feature:

The latest Smule VIP Hack has tons of features to improve your singing skills. The user interface of the app is simple and amazing. You can find the features listed below and many more using the Smule VIP Hack on iOS.

  • You can get unlimited solo tracks to sing along with.
  • The app lets you add voice effects and variations after singing.
  • You will also get a great collection of filters and visual effects to make your videos more interesting.
  • It lets you upload your song to the Smule Songbook so that others can join you in a duet.
  • You can download songs and share them across different platforms.

All these features are available for free with Smule VIP on iOS devices. You can add pitch corrections, vocal effects, etc and make the best songs using this amazing app.

Information About Smul MOD VIP Unlocked

App NameSmule VIP MOD
CategoryTweaked Apps
Publisher NameUnknown
CompatibilityiOS 13.0 and Later
FeaturesVIP Unlocked
Age Limit12+
License TypeFreemium
Available onTopStore

Download Smule VIP Free on iOS using TopStore

If you love singing, Smule VIP for Free is an essential app on your iOS. Now, you can download Smule VIP for free on iOS using TopStore. It is a third-party app store alternative that offers mods and hacks to download on iDevices. Follow the steps given below to do this.

  • First of all, you have to take the Safari browser and go to the given link.

   TopStore App Download

  • You will be navigated to the download page of TopStore, where you have to hit the Install button.
  • Upon downloading TopStore, go to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option. Trust TopStore profile.
  • You have to launch TopStore on iOS and search for Smule VIP Free.

smule VIP Hack on iOS

  • Please select the app and then tap on Install to download Smule VIP Hack.

smule vip free hack

  • Move to Settings, take the Profile & Device Management option and Trust Smule VIP profile.

How To Uninstall Smule VIP From iPhone

Method 1:

  • Find out Smule MOD app icon on your device and long press on it.
  • When apps start wiggling Tap on the minus icon on top-left corner.
  • A small popup window will appear with 3 options, Tap on delete.
  • Enter passcode.
  • Again Tap on Delete.

Since you have downloaded this App from a third party source, you may have to delete manually from the Settings. Hence

Method 2:

  • Go to device Settings> General>Profiles.
  • Tap on Smule’s Configuration Profile, Tap on delete option.
  • Enter passcode (If Asked)> Tap Delete.

That’s it.  Also checkout this link to watch world’s most popular tv Channels for free.

iPlayTV on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – Download – TopStore VIP

Best Smule Alternatives on iOS

Smule is a great music platform that is initially available on different platforms such as iOS, Android, tvOS. Smule application originated from America and the name “Smule” word is taken from the name “Sing” as a phrase. After its great launch on different platforms in the year 2012, it started its expansion of the music experience in 2016 by including the web patterns. Smule application is now the most lovable platform for many singers and singing learners out there.

Karaoke Mugen

Karaoke Muge Hack for iPhone

Karaoke Mugen is the great alternative platform of Smule which is a free and open-source network that depends on the playlist manager to play a video or audio for karaoke. The word “Karaoke” is taken from the Japanese language. Being open-source it has complete control over the playlists of a user which can also be reorganized by different features like adding, removing, importing, exporting, copying, and shuffling.

Sing Plus

Sing+ Hack for iOS

Sing Plus is free to install and simply allows a user to choose a song they want to sing the lyrics followed by the rhythm of the music. This application helps the user to follow the beat of the song that enables them to record the voice of the user conveniently and easily.

Kanto Karaoke

Kanto karaoke for iPhone

Kanto Karaoke is used as a musical tool that helps the user to allow and set up their convenience environment at their home to record their musical performances. This musical tool supports different multimedia formats such as Mid, Kar, Mp3 + Cdg, MP3, etc. These formats act like reliable tools which allow one to enjoy the feel of the music.


Karafun Mod for iPhone

KaraFun is accessed through an online web where a user can sing their favorite Karaoke tunes from their web browsers. KaraFun also provides access for a simple subscription into the karaoke catalog which consists of 45k + tracks which are categorized into 30 genres. This catalog is designed with accurate and quality-based features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install Smule VIP on your iOS device for free?

To install the Smule VIP app for free then you have to use any third-party app store to download and install Smule VIP else you have to pay for the app.

2. How to delete Smule Chat history in the Smule VIP app?

Open the chat and touch the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the app to open the menu. Tap on the “Clear chat” option.

3. Is it possible to track our Smule profile viewers using Smule VIP?

No, it is not possible to find the person who has visited your profile. But you can see the number of times your song is streamed by others.

4. Is it really worth paying for Smule VIP?

If you can afford the monthly subscription then you can pay and download from the official app store or you can download for free from app stores like TopStore and TuTuApp.

5. How to use the Collab feature in Smule VIP?

Once you select the song, click on the invite button. If anyone wants to collab they can now join you.

6. Does the Smule VIP app allows song download?

At present Smule VIP does not allow you to download songs. But with a tweaked version of the app, Smule VIP will let you download the songs after you have sung the song.

Check out:

Final Words – Download Smule VIP Free on iPhone & iPad

With the latest Smule VIP on iOS, you can enjoy singing like never before. There are many editing tools, pitch corrections and vocal effects available in the app. Download Smule VIP for free using TopStore on iOS and enjoy it.

Filza File Manager for iPhone – FREE DOWNLOAD

Filza – The File Manager for iPhone: If you have spent considerable time using an iPhone, you must know by now that Filza Explorer is probably the only decent file manager application available for iOS.

Filza File Manager Free Download on iPhone - FREE
Filza File Manager Free Download on iPhone – FREE

However, you must jailbreak your iPhone in order to install the same. Seeing the plight of the non-jailbroken users, the developers of Filza launched Filza Escaped, which is a version of Filza that works on non-jailbroken iOS devices. You can download Filza Escaped from TopStore on your iPhone. You can check out – InShot Pro Download for free on iOS – [PRO Unlocked].

What is TopStore?

TopStore is a third-party application store that houses almost all the hacked, modified, tweaked, and third-party iOS apps including Filza Escaped. These applications are not available on the official App Store. The good news is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iOS device for installing TopStore and it is absolutely free to download and use.

Continue reading to know the steps to install Filza on iOS from TopStore.

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What Can We Do with FilzaEscaped?

  • You can have a look at your device’s system files without jailbreak.
  • You can perform basic tasks like cut, copy, move, etc.
  • If needed, you can also modify the file formats using Filza.

Please note that if you have an Apple Developer Account, you can download the second variant of Filza Escaped that is particularly developed for developer account holders.

Is FilzaEscaped at par with Filza Explorer?

Well! You won’t get all the functionalities in the non-jailbroken version but you do get features that are necessary for a classic file manager application.

Going forward, the following are the steps to install Filza on iOS from TopStore.

Install Filza File Manager on iPhone

  • As a first, please install TopStore on your iOS device. You can check out the steps for the same by tapping here:

   TopStore VIP Download

  • Do trust the profile of TopStore after installation.
  • Launch TopStore and enter ‘Filza’ in the search bar.

 Download FilzaEscaped from TopStore

  • Hit ‘Go’ and Filza will come up as one of the top search results.
  • Tap on the same to go to the application info screen where you require tapping on ‘Get’ to initiate the installation.

Download filzaescaped on iOS

  • Check out the installation progress on the home screen.

install filzaEscaped file manager on iPhone

  • After successful installation, do trust the profile of Filza.

Filza File Manager for iOS – Features

This feature-packed iOS file manager application gives you a quick glimpse of your device file system.

You can organize and edit files very easily.

It organizes everything on device based on their file types like:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Documents
  • Applications
  • Web Archives
  • Compressed File

FilzaEscaped iPhone File Manager

FilzaEscaped also helps you to customize Files on your device like:

  • Moving files from one location to another location.
  • Configuring files like changing its properties and behavior.
  • Compressing and Uncompressing files is easy.
  • Giving Seamless file sharing experience with inbuilt web-server and FTP server
  • Dropbox cloud service is available.
  • And also integrated with Safari Download Manager.

Uninstall FilzaEscaped From iPhone

To uninstall FilzaEscaped File Manager app from your device follow the instructions given below.

Method 1:

  • Find out FilzaEscaped app on your iPhone Home Screen, Tap and Hold on it for some time.
  • All the apps starts wiggling with a “minus sign” on the upper-left corner of the apps.
  • Now tap on the FilzaEscaped app’s minus sign, a popup will appear with three options “delete, Remove from Home Screen, Cancel”
  • Tap on Delete option.
  • Again a small popup window appears showing delete and cancel options, tap on delete option.

Since you have installed FilzaEscaped Application from a Third-Party app store sometimes the app may not uninstall if we try to do it as mentioned in the above method.

Method 2:

  • Go to your device Settings>General>Profile.
  • Tap on profile, there you’ll see all the installed profiles on your device.
  • Next tap on FilzaEscaped profile.
  • Then it will show the description of the profile and what it contains.
  • At the bottom of the screen choose delete option upon which you’ll be redirected to enter passcode.
  • After entering  passcode tap in delete option.

FilzaEscaped File Manager application has been successfully deleted from you iPhone.

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Best 5 FilzaEscaped Alternatives on iOS 

1. iStorage 2HD

iStorage2HD App for iPhone

The application is a great alternative to FilzaEscaped. It has a smooth user interface and can be accessed even without the internet. It is your one-stop for all managing options that are required for your iOS device.

2. Files Pro

FilesPro App for iOS

The device has great features and helps you transfer files from your iPhone device to your Mac within a few minutes. It has a great files managing system that allows you to sleek your storage to the minimum without hanging up your device.

3. FileApp

File App for iOS | Filza File Manager

Simplicity is the second name for this application. FileApp helps users to transfer files from PC to various iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad in a very easing manner.

4. iFile

iFile App for iPad - Filza Alternative

As the name suggests, iFile is an application that covers up all your needs of managing files on your phone. So, hop on the device now to get amazed with the unique features in-built into the application.

5. Files United

Files United App for iPhone - Filza Similar App

Last but not the least, Files United brings up all the features required for an iDevice to manage files. It has a centralised arrangement system that locks up all user-friendly features up and is above the user’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can anyone use FilzaEscaped on their device without any tutorial?

Filza is pretty complicated to work on and if you don't know how to work on the same you will end up in a mess. So it's better to get a proper tutorial on the same and use it.

Q - Is it possible to delete system files using Filza on iOS?

First of all, you shouldn't delete any kind of system files on your iPhone/iPad cause it will lead to a lot of software issues. Yes, it's possible to delete the files.

Q - Is it safe to install Filzaescaped on your device?

Yes, it's completely safe to install the same on your device.

Q - What are the best iOS versions for the FilzaEscaped app?

You can use Filzaescaped on your iOS versions and from iOS 11.

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TikTok++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [MODDED]

Download FilzaEscaped on iOS – Filza File Manager

That’s it! You have successfully installed Filza on iOS device. In case you face any issues while using the application or have any queries, feel free to ask us via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

Nekkoto App Free Download on iOS – [Aniko Invite Keys]

If you are here then you must be aware of the secret anime community that has been formed recently. One of the famous anime app Anime Molecules got into copyrights complaint and shut down in the last month. So the anime fans planned to form a secret community where intruders are not allowed and exclusively for the anime lovers. That’s why they have created an app called the Nekkoto App iOS. The unique thing about this Nekkoto app is that you can register for this app only if you have the invite key. Without an invite key, you are not allowed to register into the app.

Free Anime Nekkoto app for iOS
Nekkoto App Free Download on iPhone

As you guessed the app is completely free to use if you register for it with the invite key. The invite key is introduced so that it can prevent unwanted people who don’t belong to the anime community. The invite key is shared between the anime community people and only those with the invite key are allowed to register and enjoy the anime shows. You should check this app – Tachiyomi App Download on iOS – [ BEST ANIME READER].

Nekkoto App on iOS  Features:

This app is a resemblance to the Anime Molecules app. All the features of the Anime Molecule app are incorporated into this Latest Nekkoto app. Also, it has some unique features that are loved by all anime fans. Here I have listed some of the features of the latest Nekkoto app on iOS.

  • Nekkoto App does not charge for any subscription and it is completely free to register and free to watch.
  • The user interface (UI) of the app is top-notch and is very easy to navigate through all the options in the app. Previously it had clustered menus but after the user’s feedback, they have redesigned the user interface and are very simple and easy to use.
  • This app has a very large library of movies and web series. Since this is an app by the community many people from the community have contributed many movies to the app and thus this app has a bigger database than any other anime app.
  • All the movies and TV series have subtitles attached to them. You need not download the subtitles separately.
  • Nekkoto has a built-in video player which plays the videos without any buffer even when the data is very low.

Nekkoto App Free on iPhone Information

App NameNekkoto App
DeveloperAnime Molecules
Latest Versionv1.6
License TypeFree
CategoryTweaked Apps
Size24.9 MB

Nekkoto App Free Download on iOS using the TopStore

Nekkoto App download is not in the app store to download the app officially. To install this app you need an app that installs this Nekkoto app for you in your iDevice. In this case, we are going to use the Top store app.

  • Install the TopStore app on your iOS device. You can install the TopStore app directly from the link given below.

   TopStore App

  • In the TopStore app, you have to search for the app Nekkoto.

Install Nekkoto App on iPhone

  • In the list, click on the app to start the installation. The app will get installed in seconds.
  • After the app gets installed, go to settings. In the phone settings, choose general settings.
  • Go to device management in the general settings. All the apps will be listed there.


  • Near the Nekkoto app, there will an option called Trust. Click on it. Now the app can be opened on the iOS device.

Nekkoto-APK (1)

  • You can now open the app and enjoy the anime series.

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Invite keys / Codes for the Nekkoto app:

Without invite keys, you cannot register for the Nekkoto app. I have given some of the invite keys to use in the register form of the Nekkoto app.

invite keys






Nekkoto for iOS | FAQs:

Q - Is this Nekkoto App Free to Use?

Yes, the Nekkoto app is Free to register and watch all the series and anime movies. But you need an invite key to register for the app.

Q - How to use the Invite Key of the Nekkoto App?

If you have the invite key then you have to insert it in the registration page of the Nekkoto app. In the registration form of the app, there will be a text box called invite code. There you have to paste the invite code. If the invite code is valid then you will be approved to use the app.

Q - Can I Download Anime Episodes from Nekkoto App ?

It depends, actually streaming is free of cost. But if you want to download Anime episode you need to be a donator.

Q - Is Dubbed Anime available on Nekkoto ?

There are few dubbed versions available for popular anime. That's it.

Q - Can I Watch Anime with my friends as a group ?

You can use neko Rooms feature to watch content as a group with your friends. But there is some rules which you must follow. You have to be a Donator to use this feature. only Anime videos can be streamed through Rooms feature. You have to join room before the stream starts and cannot exit until stream ends. One cannot join in multiple rooms at atime.

Q - Is Nekkoto Available on Android ?

Nekkoto supports android platform as well. You can download Nekkoto apk file from third-party sources .If you want to use it on PC you can use emulators like Bluestacks.

Q - Can I Invite my friends to Nekkoto Anime App?

To invite friends, first you have to be invited by someone who is already registered on Nikkoto.After your successful registration you can generate invite key and send it to your friends.

Q - Do I Get Banned for generating Invite key for a stranger ?

You will not get banned for either generating invite key or sharing it with strangers, But if someone you have invited violates rules and regulations and gets banned You will also get Banned.

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Final Words – Nekkoto App Download on iOS

Hope you have learned the steps to install the Nekkoto iOS using TopStore. If any problem occurred while installing this app then you can comment below. We will help you to solve the issue. 

Thank You.

Asphalt 9: Legends Hack on iOS FREE Download (UNLIMITED Money)

Asphalt 9: Legends is the racing game that is currently making headlines in the gaming industry. Sporting amazing graphics and fantabulous gameplay, users are completely smitten by the game. However, it does takes time in the game to earn tokens/credits and unlock all the cool cars.

Asphalt 9 Legends MOD (Unlocked FREE) on iOS
Asphalt 9 Legends MOD (Unlocked FREE) on iOS

That’s why, in this post, we are going to talk about Asphalt 9: Legends Hack on iOS. Check Out: Fallout Shelter Hack Download on iOS [2023 MOD].

What is Asphalt 9: Legends Hack?

Asphalt 9: Legends Hack on iOS is a modded version of the game that gives you unlimited tokens/credits right from the beginning. This means you can customize your car and install accessories as per your wish and be in the winning seat right from the start. The following are some more features of the Asphalt 9: Legends Mod.

  • All cars are unlocked.
  • It is totally safe to use the hacked or modded version.
  • The modded version comes with an auto-update.
  • It is free to download the hack.
  • You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device for installing Asphalt 9 Legends Hack.

Asphalt 9 Legends Hack Information – 

Game NameAsphalt 9 Legends Hack
PublisherGameloft SE
MOD FeaturesInfinite Nitro/Speed Hack, Unlimited Money
Need Jailbreak ??No
License TypeFree
Available OnTopStore (Apps & Games Store)

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Asphalt 9 Legends Mod Version on iOS – Requirements

Before you can commence the download and installation process of Asphalt 9 Hack on your iOS device, you must know that you have to uninstall the original version from your iOS device. The hacked version won’t work if you already have the original version installed on your iOS device.

Download Asphalt 9 Legends Hack on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

For downloading the Asphalt 9 Hack on your iOS device, you require having TopStore installed. For those who don’t know, TopStore is a third-party app store that houses all the popular hacked and modded iOS apps that are not available on the Apple App Store. For your convenience, we have provided the link to download and install TopStore on your iOS device below.

   TopStore App Download

Install Asphalt 9 Mod on iOS from TopStore [No Jailbreak]

  • As a first, please launch TopStore on your iOS device.
  • In the Search section, please conduct a search for Asphalt 9 Legends Hack.
  • Wait for the search results to come up.

Asphalt Legends search

  • You will be able to spot Asphalt 9: Legends Mod in the listing.
  • Tap on the entry to make your way to the application information screen. Here you can read more about the hack.

Asphalt Info screen

  • To commence the installation process, please tap on the Install button.

Install Asphalt 9 Legends

  • A pop-up will come up stating that TopStore wants to install Asphalt 9 Legends Hack on your iOS device. Please tap on Install again.

Asphalt 9 screen

  • Now, move to the home screen of your iOS device and monitor the installation progress.
  • Once the installation is complete, please make your way to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of Asphalt 9 Legends Hack.
  • That’s it! Now you can launch the game and show your friends the champion racer in you.

4 Best Alternatives to Asphalt 9 Legends | Similar Games

  • F1 Mobile Racing

If you are a Formula 1 lover, then you must try out F1 Mobile Racing. Developed by Codemasters Software Company Ltd, the game comes with life-like graphics, smooth controls, and power-packed gameplay to give you that Formula 1 adrenaline rush that the drivers get while sitting behind the wheel of an actual F1 car.

F1 Mobile Racing - Alternative Game Asphalt 9 Legends Hack

  •  CSR Racing 2

One of the best drag and racing games available on iOS, CSR Racing 2 allows you to do whatever you want with your car.  You can sell it, transfer parts from one car to another, or tune it.  Race your opponents, win the challenges, and stay on top. The coolest part about this game is that it comes with an AR mode that gives you the feeling as if you are sitting behind the wheel.

CSR 2 Racing Game Free on iOS - Similar Game Asphalt 9 Legends Game

  • Need for Speed: No Limits

This is perhaps one of the oldest racing games but its legacy is unparalleled and unrivalled. Staying true to its name, the game has no limits. You have 30 best cars available in the game that you can upgrade and customize. If you are looking for a simplistic racing game, then ‘Need for Speed: No Limits’ is the best option as the game comes with just two controls viz tap to accelerate or brake.

Need for Speed - No Limits Game Best Alternative to Asphalt 9 Legends Game iOS

  • Riptide GP : Renegade

We all know how crazy Asphalt 9 can become. What if we take all that craziness and put that in a futuristic fantasy world? That is what all Riptide GP: Renegade is all about. It is a futuristic arcade racing game in which, you race with your opponents on rivers and other waterways.

Riptide Renegade - Asphalt 9 Legends Mod Free iOS

Asphalt 9 Legends Hack – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q - Does Asphalt 9 Legends Hack come with additional charges?

No! The hack is free to download. There are no hidden or additional charges involved in the modded version.

Q – Can Asphalt 9 Legends Modded version be revoked by Apple?

If a revoke does happen, your gaming progress will be saved in the Game Center. So, you can install the hacked version again after the certificate gets renewed and resume from where you left off.

Q – Are there codes in Asphalt 9?

To redeem a code on Asphalt 9, you have to click on the Cog Wheel Icon and tap on Redeem Code. However, we recommend going for the amazing Asphalt 9 Legends Hack on iOS to get unlimited money, unlimited nitro, and all cars unlocked right from the beginning of the game.

Q – How to get 1 million credits in Asphalt 9?

To get money/credits/tokens in Asphalt 9, you have to compete in limited time events, complete career missions, give good performance in multiplayer mode, complete daily tasks, and unlock different milestones in your club.

Q – Is there a free mode in Asphalt 9?

The game supports up to eight players in online play free-for-all and up to four players in local split screen.

Q – What are Asphalt 9 Rarest Rides?

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider, McLaren Senna, Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, W Motors Lykan Hypersport. With the Asphalt 9 Legends Hack, you can get your hands on these rarest rides right from the beginning of the game.

Check out:

Final Words – Asphalt 9 Legends Hack on iOS

This is how you can install Asphalt 9 Legends Hack on iOS without jailbreak. If you face any issues while installing or playing the modded version, please drop your concerns in the comments section provided below. The required assistance will be provided on a priority basis.

Thank You.

YouTube++ MOD Download on iOS – (Ad-Free)

YouTube++ on iOS: Undoubtedly, YouTube is an immensely popular application in its relative category. However, there are certain features like the ability to play video/audio in the background, the ability to download videos to your local storage, and much more which the users wish they could have in the YouTube application. In this post, we are going to fulfill all your wishes regarding the YouTube application by introducing YouTube++ which is a tweaked version of the original application.

YouTube++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

We will share with you the steps to download YouTube++ on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. You require installing a third-party App Store that goes by the name TopStore for the purpose. YouTube++ is an amazing application whose development is done based on the feedback taken by the users regarding the original YouTube application. Check Out: Twitter++ iOS Download for free on iOS.

YouTube++ | Features

It would not be right if we proceed with the installation steps without sharing with you the amazing set of features that YouTube++ has. Apart from the features present in the original YouTube application, following are some of the major additional features present in the tweaked version.

  • Download videos to your device.
  • Block Ads.
  • Play video/audio in the background.
  • Set video playback speed (0.5x – 2.0x).
  • Auto-replay videos.
  • Disable age restrictions.
  • Forward/Rewind controls with a customs number of seconds.
  • Default playback quality.
  • Audio player for downloaded videos.
App NameYouTube++
Category Tweaked Apps
Size157 MB

If you wish to experience the complete features of YouTube++, please install the same on your iPhone/iPad. Good thing is that you do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for this purpose.

Check Out: “Premium Music for Free with Spotify++ on iOS – TopStore“.

Install YouTube++ on iPhone/iPad using Topstore

  • As a first, please launch Safari Browser and navigate to the following link to download Topstore.

   TopStore App Download

  • Please wait for the webpage to load. Once the webpage loads completely, you will saw a green-coloured button ‘Download TopStore App.
  • Please click on the button and your iOS device will state that the webpage wants to open your device ‘Settings.’
  • Provide permission for the same you will see the profile installation setup come in front of you.
  • Please press ‘Install’ on the top-right corner. Press ‘Install’ again and the profile installation process will start. It will take less than a minute for the process to finish.
  • Navigate to the home screen and you can locate the icon of the TopStore App. Prior to launching the TopStore application, please trust the profile of the same.
  • Launch TopStore application and search for ‘YouTube++’.
    YouTube++ on iOS - TopStore
    YouTube++ on iOS – TopStore
  • From the search results, press the ‘Get’ icon next to YouTube++.
    Install YouTube++ on iPhone/iPad - TopStore
    Install YouTube++ on iPhone/iPad – TopStore
  • Navigate to the home screen of your device and if you happen to see a ‘Waiting’ icon, please press the icon for the download and installation process to start.
    Install YouTube++ App on iOS - TopStore VIP Free
    Install YouTube++ App on iOS – TopStore VIP Free
  • Don’t forget to trust the profile of YouTube++ as well prior to launching.

Best YouTube++ iOS Alternatives?

YouTube is a great application that helps your surf media for free. Similarly, third-party app developers have developed YouTube++ to ease-in the restricted features within the application. But for experiencing something new, here what we have got. Let’s see some best alternatives of YouTube++ on iOS.


Similar to YouTube, you can enjoy tons of great streaming features on TubeX. The application is simple and have a good user base. You won’t be getting bored even for an instance using this application. People use it mostly to stream music and create their own space.



Yes, many people started to create applications similar to YouTube that avoids the restrictions. VideoTube is one such application with great touch of user-needs. The notification system, and endless collection of videos to stream from, makes the application demanding.



If you love streaming music, then MyTube serves the very purpose to let you have fun. The search mechanism of the application is amazing as it provides with best and accurate results. The recommendation flow of MyTube application is just a step ahead enhancing your daily media needs.


Tube Master

Tube Master is one of the most competitive application of YouTube++. The application has a very wide range of videos and media. The application is very simple to use, and you do not have to register or login to use it. You can chat on the video instantly make it easier for you to interact with audience.

How To Uninstall YouTube++ on iOS

  • First of all, go to your app desk and click on socials bubble.
  • Now you will be able to see YouTube++.
  • Just click and hold, you will get a ‘Remove App‘ option.
  • Click on that and you will get another pop up and tap on Delete ‘YouTube++‘.
  • Now the application will get uninstalled and you can install the normal version from the AppStore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is YouTube Plus Plus application?

YouTube++ application is an altered version of YouTube. It allows you to explore restricted and premium features of YouTube.

Q - Is it safe to use YouTube++?

The application is same as the normal application of YouTube. The only difference is the features that are enabled.

Q - What features comes along with YouTube++?

You can access to premium and restricted features of YouTube through the tweaked version called YouTube++. Some amazing features like block Ads, downloading videos directly in phone, minimizing the screen when the video is playing, etc… are some amazing features.

Q - Is YouTube++ free to download?

Yes, the application is free to download from any third-party application or website. You can download the latest APK version and enjoy amazing features.

Q - Do I need to jailbreak my device to install YouTube++?

No, you must not jailbreak your device in order to install or use YouTube++. You can download the YouTube++ application through any third-party application and start using it on-the-go.

Q - How can I download videos using YouTube++?

Eventually, you can directly download videos from the application itself. You do not have to visit any third-party websites in-order to download videos from YouTube++, the feature is in-built with the tweaked version.

Must Check Apps from TopStore App:

Final Words – Download YouTube++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad] 

These were the features and the steps to download and install YouTube++ on iPhone/iPad from TopStore without jailbreak. If you face any issue during the installation process please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. Also, we will love to hear about your experience of using the YouTube++ application.

Thank You.

Twitter++ iOS Download for free on iOS -[2023 Modded]

Download & Install Twitter ++ on iOS(iPhone & iPad) with TopStore App: It’s the year 2020 and if you have still haven’t heard about Twitter then you surely are leaving under a rock. Twitter is the most sort after micro blogging website with user base of millions of people across the globe.

Twitter++ Download on iOS - No Ads
Twitter++ Download on iOS – No Ads

It is a social network that enables its users to send and receive short messages which are known as “tweets”. The users can follow the various accounts/ Twitter handles (as they are called on Twitter), of various individuals, public figures, brands, and organizations and keep themselves updated about them by their tweets. It allows people to share their opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc with a larger audience. Also, check out: Instagram++ Download on iOS and appreciate the efforts the tweak developers put in to make this wonderful tweak version, I am a big fan of this tweaked version of Instagram.

Twitter++ on iOS – Features

Now, what if we tell you that you can enjoy more features than what is generally available on a normal Twitter App. Yes you read it right, you can enjoy a lot more features on Twitter ++ App for the iOS device users from TopStore App that too free of cost. Such features include:

  • Enablement/ Disablement of tweet sharing option.
  • Direct message sharing on other social media platforms by long-pressing the text or the message.
  • Opening of YouTube videos in the same app rather than being redirected to a new window.
  • Opening of Instagram media in the same app rather than being redirected to a new window.
  • Opening of URL in third-party web browsers.
  • Hassle-free sharing and saving of various media such as images, videos, GIFs, etc from Twitter.
  • Allows removing the status bar.
  • Allows removing Follow button.

Twitter++ App Information:

App NameTwitter++
CategorySocial Media (Tweaked Apps)

Twitter ++, is a tweaked and modified version of the Twitter App for the iOS device users and it can be downloaded from TopStore App that too without jailbreaking the iOS device. TopStore, a third-party source, similar to the original App Store, allows its users to access variously tweaked, hacked, or modified versions of various Apps. The iOS device users can download the TopStore App without jailbreaking their iOS device. It allows iOS device users to download and install Apps without jailbreaking their iOS device.

Must download the app for teenagers: Tinder++ Download on iOS for Free.

How To Install Twitter++ for iOS using Topstore

In order to download Twitter ++, the iOS device users shall have to uninstall the original Twitter App from their iOS device, if it is already installed. The iOS (iPhone or iPad) device users can download and install Twitter++ App by following steps:

  • Ensure that the phone has proper and stable internet connectivity.
  • Open the web browser on the iOS device and visit the below official blog of TopStore App.

   Download TopStore App [LATEST]

  • Download and Install TopStore App from the website stated in step 2.
  • “Trust” the TopStore App by accessing device management option in general settings feature of the iOS device.
  • Click on TopStore App icon to launch the same. TopStore App’s user interface is very identical to the original App store.
  • Enter Twitter ++ in the search bar of the TopStore App and click on “Search” to proceed further.
  • Next, Search ‘Twitter++’ in that search bar.
    Search 'Twitter++' App
    Search ‘Twitter++’ App
  • From the search results, click on Twitter++ App.
  • To download and install Twitter++ App, click on “Get” option.
    'Get' Twitter++ on iOS
    ‘Get’ Twitter++ on iOS
  • Next after clicking on ‘Get’, It will give you a prompt and asks you for the confirmation to install ‘Twitter++’, just tap on ‘Install’ and it starts the installation.
TopStore Install 'Twitter++'
TopStore Install ‘Twitter++’
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, and boom, it’s successfully installed on your device now.
  • Go to the device home screen, launch the Twitter++ app and enjoy the extra added features.

Twitter++ on iOS using IPA Method:

To install the Twitter++ IPA file on your iOS device you need to use Cydia Impactor. The Cydia Impactor is used to install Twitter++ IPA files on any iOS mobile device. Here are the steps to install the Twitter++ IPA file:

  • The first step is to download the Twitter++ IPA file on your PC from the given link.

Twitter++ IPA

  • Now download and install the Cydia Impactor application. This Cydia Impactor application is used to install Twitter++ IPA.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your iOS device to the PC where you have installed Cydia Impactor.
  • Now open the Cydia Impactor app on your PC.
  • Find the downloaded Twitter++ IPA file in your downloads folder. Drag and drop the Twitter++ IPA file on the Cydia Impactor.
  • Before installation of the Twitter++ app, Cydia Impactor will request your Apple ID credentials. Create a new Apple ID to use with Twitter++ else you can input the details of the old one.
  • Once the ID is connected, the Twitter++ IPA will be installed.
  • Open the settings page on the mobile. There you have to choose General. Then select Profile and Device Management.
  • In the Profile & Device Management, find the installed Twitter++ IPA. Click on the Trust button near the installed app.
  • Now you can launch the app from the home screen of your iOS device. Enjoy

How to Uninstall Twitter++ on iOS

If you want to uninstall this version and install the original version of Twitter, just follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, go to Home Screen.
  • Search for Twitter++ and go to the App Desk.
  • Now click and Hold the Twitter++ icon.
  • Tap on Delete App and continue.

Why Twitter++ is the best?

The thing that differs between Twitter++ and Twitter is that you guys can download the videos and images in the top quality. Apart from that you guys can retweet and like the tweets in bulk. You guys can tweak the numbers of like and followers as per your wish. They are adding more to the updates. No worries, you guys wont get banned. So stay tuned.

Best Alternatives for WhatsApp on iOS 

If you love having a social life, then WhatsApp is considered as most reliable application right now. But we often noticed that many features within the application limit users to enjoy the services. So, here are some amazing WhatsApp alternatives on iOS.


From the same parent company, Messenger serves as a very avid social media service that will allow you to exchange messages and other media content with ease. So, if you want to have a great experience in communicating, then Messenger is your call to go app.


Even though Skype is mostly used for video conversion, but it is one of the best texting app. Many people use Skype for business and professional purposes. The soft and comforting user interface will amaze you.


A very common application when compared to WhatsApp, WeChat is just the perfect fit for alternative calls of WhatsApp. Many people have initiated their approach towards giving WeChat a fair try.


Most recently to avoid a lot of restrictions within WhatsApp, people started to switch to Telegram. So, if you are looking for a common application with smooth service and less confusing gestures, then Telegram is the best choice.


People have begun using Instagram as a social media application for chatting. So, if you are putting up faith in the app for comfortable usage, Instagram is the best choice. It has a very good user interface and group chatting system. You can share images and have conversations all the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of content can I access with Twitter++?

With Twitter++, you can access millions of tweets from users worldwide. You’ll also have access to images, GIFs, videos, and other media shared on Twitter. You can also create custom search filters and save searches for quick reference later.

Q: How secure is Twitter++?

All of the data you access through Twitter++ will be encrypted, so it’s secure from prying eyes. Any information you enter into the app will also be securely stored in our servers and never shared with third parties.

Q: Does Twitter++ offer any additional features?

Yes! In addition to the features mentioned above, Twitter++ also offers various customization options. You can customize your timeline by choosing which topics and accounts to follow and setting up custom alerts for when new content is posted. You can also use our advanced analytics feature to track the performance of your tweets in real time.

Q: Is Twitter++ free?

Yes! Twitter++ is entirely free to use, so you can start exploring the world of social media immediately. There are no ads or subscription fees, and you don’t even need to create an account – download the app and start using it immediately.

Also, check out these amazing apps from TopStore for Free:

Twitter++ Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad)

Once downloaded and installed successfully, Twitter++ App shall allow its users to enjoy all the other cool extra features, so hurry up and download Twitter++ right away from the TopStore App.

Thank You.

WhatsPad++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [MODDED]

The world’s most popular simple messaging platform, where you can send text messages and other multi-media communications like photos, videos, documents, and zip files, as well as conduct free VoIP calls. However, it has several limitations, such as a sharing limit and an upload size limit, and it does not provide any requested capabilities to consumers. If you are an iOS user and want unique WhatsApp features, download WhatsPad++ on iOS.

WhatsPad++ on iOS
WhatsPad++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad)

WhatsPad is a tweaked version of the official WhatsApp that includes many new features and a better user experience. This Mod App is primarily designed for iPod and iPad users. It functions similarly to the original App while removing the restrictions imposed by the official WhatsPad++ App development team and allowing you direct access to tweaked features without limitations like the WhatsApp Watusi App. Unfortunately, such modification applications are not accessible on the App Store. That’s why you need a third-party app store such as TopStore.

WhatsPad++ on iOS | Features:

WhatsPad++ on iOS is undoubtedly one of the best applications out there. You can explore all the features that you may usually wish to have in this tweaked version. Here are a few features that may help you look forward to.

  • It was designed for iPod and iPad users and worked with all iOS versions.
  • Hide your online status and last seen.
  • Turn off read receipts.
  • Use a full-profile photo that has not been cropped.
  • With a simple tap, you can record audio.
  • Send files up to 100 MB in size.
  • Video advertising and sponsored adverts should be avoided.
  • Remove the upload button.
  • Alter the default home page and send more than ten media files simultaneously.

App Name







Tweaked/Hacked Apps




35 MB

Download From


Do you love this application? If yes, here is how to download it easily on your iOS device.

Download WhatsPad++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

As this fantastic application is a tweaked version, you may need the help of a third-party app store such as TopStore. So follow our guide below to download the application with ease.

  • Go to Settings and enable your browser to download using unknown sources.
  • Once the settings are enabled, open the browser and search for “TopStore.”
  • Now open the official website of TopStore and scroll down to the ” Download” Button. Click on it.

   TopStore App

  • The application will start downloading; after it is installed, open settings.
  • In settings, go to Apps > Profile, and change the profile of TopStore to ‘trusted.’
  • Open TopStore, and click on the search bar. Search for ‘WhatsPad++.’

Whatspad++ on iOS

  • Once the app info opens, click on ‘get.’

Download Whatspad++ on iPhone/iPad

  • After installing the application, go to Settings > Profile and change the profile to ‘trusted.’

Now, you can start using WhatsPad++ on iOS without any hassle. Wasn’t that easy? Let’s see how you can use the application easily.

How To Use WhatsPad++ on iOS?

You can easily use WhatsPad++ on your iOS. Just like the regular application, you can access all features we have mentioned above. Also, to enable these features, you can go to settings and enable/disable them as usual. Rest features like messaging, recording videos, and clicking photos remain the same. You can also enjoy extensive tweaks with this third-party application like never before. Do not forget; you can find fantastic tips using WhatsPad++. Anyway, it’s free to use this application on iOS. You can download it using a third-party play store such as TopStore. That was easy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to download WhatsPad++ on iOS?

Yes, it is entirely safe to download WhatsPad++ on iOS. This is just a tweaked version of the official App developed by third-party developers to enable various features. Please ensure to download from safe sources only.

2. Do I need to jailbreak my device to download WhatsPad++ on iOS?

No, you do not have to jailbreak your device to download WhatsPad++ on iOS. You can download it using a third-party app store like TopStore.

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Conclusion – WhatsPad++iOS Download [iPhone/iPad]

So, how is your experience with this tweaked WhatsPad on iOS? We are sure you may enjoy all the premium features of WhatsPad++ on the streak. You can enjoy this application even more by sharing it with friends and family. Please ensure you put your thoughts and queries in the comment section below. We would love to hear them. Till next time, kudos!

Kik++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [MOD]

Download & Install Kik++ on iOS (iPhone & iPad) with TopStore App: Nowadays,  various instant messaging Apps have made it very easy for its users to connect to people around the globe, and that too just with a click. While several instant messaging apps are available on the internet today, Kik stands out among them.

Kik++ App on iOS
Kik++ App on iOS

Kik is a user-friendly and unique instant messaging app that helps its users stay connected with their friends and family in this fast-paced life. The most striking feature of Kik is that it even allows its users to chat with random people across the globe without sharing their contact numbers. The users can, in addition to their contacts, connect to other random people worldwide just by using their username without sharing their contact number. Like other instant messaging Apps, Kik also allows its users to share photos, videos, gifs, etc., with their contacts. Instagram++ App is one of my favourite tweaked applications, which I downloaded from our favourite third-party store, TopStore.

Features | Kik++ App on iOS

On successfully downloading and installing of Kik++ App, iOS users can enjoy features like:

  • Simple and better user interface
  • Option to hide last seen and “Online” status.
  • Option to disable delivery and read receipts of the messages sent to others.
  • Best quality video calls.
  • member of the group of your interest and much more.

Kik++ iOS App Info:

However, Kik still has some limitations in its functionality. Still, Kik ++, a tweaked and modified version of the same App for iOS device users, offers many more features than Kik without compromising its users’ privacy and safety. Kik ++ users can download iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) from TopStore App at no extra cost.

App NameKik++
CategorySocial Networking
Last updated02/01/23
Compatible iOS 10 & Later (iPhone, iPad & iPod)

TopStore is a third-party source. It is similar to the original App Store. TopStore App allows its users to access variously tweaked, hacked, or modified versions of various Apps, for their iOS devices, which are not available on the original App Store. The iOS device users can download and install  TopStore App and other Apps from TopStore App without jailbreaking their iOS device.

Also, check out: WhatsApp++ Download on iOS – TopStore App.

Download & Install Kik++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

The iOS (iPhone or iPad) device users can download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App by following steps:

  • Uninstall the original Kik App from the iOS device, if already installed.
  • Visit below official site from their iOS device.

   Download TopStore App

  • Download and Install the TopStore App from the website stated in step 2.
  • Allow access to TopStore App by clicking on “Trust” in the device management option in the general settings feature of the iOS device.

Topstore iOS trust profile

  • Launch TopStore App. It has a user interface similar to the original App Store.
  • Type Kik++ in the search bar of the TopStore App and click on “Search”.
Search 'Kik++'
Search ‘Kik++’
  • Click on Kik++ App from the search results.
  • Click on the “Get/Install” option to download and install Kik++ App.
    Get 'Kik++ on iOS'
    Get ‘Kik++ on iOS’
  • Once it get’s downloaded, we have to trust the application i settings before launching it from home screen.
  • That’s it. Launch and enjoy the new extra features with Kik++ on your iOS devices.

Install KiK++ via Altstore [WORKING]

To install KiK++ on an iOS devices we would need the help of AltStore. The other thing we would need to download KiK++ on iOS is the IPA file. Just follow our guide below to install it easily.

  • Go to your browser and search for the below link for  AltStore.

  • Once AltStore is installed, go to Settings > Profile, and change the profile of AltStore to ‘trusted’.
  • We would need a Kik++ IPA file to install it. So click here to download the IPA file of App.


  • Once you have App IPA file, open AltStore and go to ‘My Apps’ section. Click on ‘+’ button.
  • Now find the IPA file on your device (that we just installed), and let the application get installed.
  • If you were prompted to enter your Apple ID credentials, do it.
  • After Kik++ is installed, go to Settings > Profile, and change the profile of App to ‘trusted’.
  • You can find the application in the ‘My Apps’ section of AltStore and on the home screen.

That’s it! This is how you can easily install this on iOS using AltStore.

Best Kik++ Alternatives for iOS

Kik++ has been one of the most explored messaging applications. With its mod version, people feel a lot easy to explore the features. But at the end of the day, many people look for some fantastic alternatives of Kik++. So here we are with some of the best alternative applications for Kik.


Telegram has been the talk since it gives a wide range of features with the anonymity of user presence. The application is widely used to announce and distribute information that people want to keep secure.


Who haven’t used WhatsApp? With the mod version, you can explore a wide range of features that you were missing. The user interface of WhatsApp is adapting and helps you navigate easily.


For media sharing and chats such as video calls and voice calls, Imo is one of the best applications that you would use as Kik alternative.


Empathy is an open-source application with a varied range of features. Using different protocols, you can use it to transfer various files, audio, and media. It has been taking charge recently and would be one of the best alternatives for Kik++.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kik++ App?

Kik++ App is an instant messaging app, it’s a tweaked version of the original Kik App.

What is the purpose of Kik++ App?

Kik++ App allows its users, to chat with anyone around the globe, to enter into groups and chatroom’s, to video call and voice call to contacts, etc.

Is Kik++ App safe?

Kik++ App is safe and secure as it doesn’t require the users to disclose their contact number, the users can use a username to register on the App.

Is Kik++ App free App?

Yes, its absolutely free and can be downloaded from TopStore App.

Do I need to jail break my iOS device to download and install TopStore App?

No, TopStore App can be downloaded and installed without jail breaking the iOS device.

How to download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App on my iOS device?

Just follow the simple steps elaborated in this article to download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App on your iOS device.

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Final Words – Kik++ Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad) 

So, don’t waste time, download and install Kik++ App from TopStore App on your iOS device to enjoy its cool features and begin your chats with friends, family and strangers across the globe.

Thank You.

MineCraft PE Download iOS [iPhone/iPad] – [Maps + Mods]

Minecraft PE for Free on iOS [iPhone/iPad]: The game ‘Minecraft’ doesn’t seek any introduction. You are a character in the world of blocks wherein you require ensuring your survival. Initially launched only for Windows OS, the unprecedented surge in the game’s popularity compelled the developers to launch a version for Android and iOS.

However, despite the unparalleled and unequalled popularity of the game, a significant chunk of gamers refrained from downloading the game, devoiding them of the incredible opportunity, as you require paying a considerable sum for downloading Minecraft.

Isn’t the question that there a way to download Latest Minecraft PE for free? Well! You are going to learn about the same in this post. The unsurpassable popularity of Minecraft compelled a group of third-party developers to launch a modded version of the game that is free to download. Yes! It is true! You can download the same for free on your Android and iOS smartphone called Minecraft Pocket Edition. Check my favourite game: Clash of Clans Hack on iOS No Jailbreak (TopStore VIP).

Download Minecraft PE on iOS [MCPE]

TopStore is a third-party application store through which you can download the hacked version of Minecraft PE on iOS. The good thing is that you do not require to jailbreak your iOS device. Moreover, even TopStore is free to download on iOS. Follow the below steps to install TopStore on iPhone/iPad.

  • Open Safari Browser and navigate to the official webpage of TopStore: 

  TopStore App

  • Wait for the webpage to load up.
  • Tap on ‘Install TopStore’ to download TopStore.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ once again on the alert window that comes up.
  • The download and installation process will start now.
  • After successful installation, navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles.
  • Trust the profile of TopStore.
  • Launch TopStore from the home screen.
    NameMineCraft PE
    CategoriesTweaked Apps & Games

Install Minecraft PE MOD on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Search ‘Minecraft PE’ in TopStore.
    MineCraft PE on iPhone & iPad
    MineCraft PE on iPhone & iPad
  • Tap on the search results.
  • On the next screen, you can read about the hacked version of Minecraft.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ on the same screen.
    Install MineCraft PE on iOS
    Install MineCraft PE on iOS
  • Tap on ‘Install’ once again on the alert that follows.
    Minecraft PE Install on iOS
    Minecraft PE Install on iOS
  • Move to the home screen to witness the installation in progress for Minecraft.
  • After successful installation, navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles.
  • Trust the profile of Minecraft PE.
  • Launch the game and enjoy!.

Minecraft Alternatives on iOS

Minecraft is a fantastic game and also an old one. People love playing it to create new maps and tag along the objects by combining elements, etc. But currently, there are many other new games with better approaches. So if you are looking for alternatives to Minecraft, here is a list.

Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D is a similar game that coincides with the gameplay of Minecraft. The uniqueness of Block craft is its 3D game impact. Developers wanted to bring life to people’s joy, so here they are.


Terraria is a 2D game with one side flow perspective. The game is combat based and has impressive features you can’t find in Minecraft.

The Blockheads

Blockheads is the best alternative to Minecraft. It is a 2D side-scrolling game to explore and survive. It is one of the best games, as it can also be played offline.

MCPE 2023 | FAQs

Q - Is internet connection necessary to play Minecraft PE?

Minecraft PE game has two versions. The online version and the offline version. If you don’t have an internet connection you can play the game offline. So to play the game internet connection is not necessary.

Q - How to prevent server disconnects in Minecraft PE?

To prevent frequent server disconnects you need to make sure you have good high speed internet connection. Also you should make sure you have turned OFF VPN app before loading the game.

Q - Why can’t we install Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE hack in the same device?

You cannot install both apps in the same device because they carry same Bundle ID. So only one app can be installed in a single device. If your device is jailbroken then you can install both.

Q - Can we play multiplayer mode on Minecraft PE?

Yes, you can play Minecraft PE multiplayer mode with two or more friends. But if you are below 18 years then you will need parent permission to play multiplayer.

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Conclusion – Latest Minecraft PE Download on iPhone/iPad

You must follow these steps to install Minecraft PE for free on iPhone/iPad. For any questions that you might have, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section provided below. Also, let us know about your experience playing one of the world’s most popular games.

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