FaceBook++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [FULL MOD]

Facebook is unarguably the most widely used social media platform. However, the Facebook app does come with a host of restrictions and a number of features desired by the users are absent. Taking this into account, third-party developers sprang into action and brought us Facebook++.

FaceBook++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad)

Facebook++ on iOS, being the tweaked version of the Facebook app, contains a good number of features that are not present in the original app. Check Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).

Facebook++ on iOS | Features: 

In this post, we will have a look at the additional features present in Facebook++ as well as the steps to download the tweaked app on iOS.

  • You can download videos to local storage.
  • The in-app messenger is back and it allows you to send an unlimited number of photos at once.
  • You can disable VoIP in the messenger thereby saving a ton of battery life.
  • The app allows you to copy videos on the clipboard enabling you to save/share them later.
  • You can enable the newsfeed to display the most recent posts instead of popular ones.
  • Auto-playback for videos can be disabled.
  • The old sidebar navigation is back.
App NameFaceBook++
Category Tweaked Apps
Size157 MB

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the features. Download Facebook++ now to experience more.

How To Install  Facebook++ on iOS

For those who want to download Facebook++ on their iOS devices have to install TopStore as well. TopStore is a third-party app store that caters to those iOS apps which are not present in the Apple App Store. Tap on the below link to download TopStore on your iOS device.

   TopStore App Download

Install Facebook++ on (iPhone/iPad) using TopStore 

  • Launch TopStore on your iOS device.
  • Do a direct search for Facebook++ on TopStore.

facebook++ Topstore

  • The tweaked app will come up as one of the search results.
  • Tap on the search result to get redirected to the app info screen.
  • Here you can read more about the app. Once you are ready, tap on the Get button to start with the download and installation process.

facebook++ ios


  • Similar to the way you monitor the installation of an app from the App Store, move to your device’s home screen to monitor the installation progress of Facebook++.
  • if you have installed the original version, you should uninstall the original one to install the Facebook++ version.

install the original version facebook++

If you have installed Fcebook++ on your device, please do uninstall and install this version!.


  • Once the installation is complete, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Locate and trust the profile of Facebook++.

Great! Now you can launch Facebook++ on your iOS device.

Best FaceBook++ Alternatives on iOS

Facebook has been one of the most prominent social media website that has been running since decades. People began using it for coming closer to each other, and to be able to communicate from any corner of the world. But it is never late to try something new, right? Here is a list of some best alternatives of Facebook++ on iOS.


It is time to tweet something new. Well, twitter emerged in the similar time that of Facebook, and is very simple to use. It is kind of a professional platform that is used by majority of famous personalities around world to make announcements.


It is just a media sharing application that helps you share images and short videos with your friends and family. You can create groups and even fan-pages that will allow you rise your following within no-time. Instagram has been taking up heat because of its simplicity.


SnapChat++ basically started to share short videos and moments that would disappear after watching them once. The application was more over a privacy based application. Currently, people are using it to have been sharing moments with their loved ones without making is messy.


The new-generation social media, TikTok++, has been rising up its fan following ever since the trend took over all youth. The application is very simple to use as it allows you to share 1 minute long videos on your page and allows user to watch them from any corner of world.

Facebook++ iOS | [FAQs]

Q - Is Facebook++ secure?

Yes! Facebook++ follows all the necessary security protocols. On your phone, you can lock Facebook++ using a 4-digit PIN or Touch Id.

Q - Is Facebook++ affiliated with Facebook Inc.?

No! Facebook++ in any way is not affiliated or associated to Facebook Inc.

Q - Does Facebook++ come with ads?

Yes! There are ads in Facebook++. However, you can remove them by purchasing UnlimApps ad-removal subscription.

Q - Can I use both Facebook and Facebook++ on the same device?

No. Though you can use both Facebook and Facebook ++ on the same device, it is not advised to use them on a single device. The chances of getting banned are high. So you have to uninstall the original Facebook before installing Facebook ++.

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Conclusion – Facebook++ Download on iOS

Overall, Facebook++ brings to the users all the features that they wanted in the original Facebook app. Download Facebook++ on your iOS device and let us know about your experience in the comments section provided below.

NDS4iOS Emulator Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – (2022)

Get NDS4iOS from TopStore: As a child, we always yearned to be an adult. However, when we reached adulthood, we realized that our childhood days were indeed blessed.

NDS4iOS Emulator Download on iOS
NDS4iOS Emulator Download on iOS

Great were those moments when we used to enjoy games like Pokémon, Contra, Super Mario, and more on our Nintendo gaming console. Nowadays, we hardly find time to experience those retro games.

How amazing it will be if you could actually play your favourite old-school games on your iPhone/iPad? To do that, you need to download NDS4iOS Emulator on your iOS device. You can check out: Filza Download on iOS with TopStore App.

NDS4iOS | Features:

NDS4iOS is an emulator through which you can play Nintendo games on your iPhone/iPad. If you are thinking that the experience might not be similar to the actual gaming console, think again.

NDS4iOS comes equipped with an ARM interpreter that gives you the gaming experience like a Nintendo console on your iOS device. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the speed of your game as well.

  • Auto-save helps you to save your gaming progress.
  • NDS4iOS supports syncing with Dropbox.
  • On-screen controls that can be customized as well.
  • Vibration support is present.
  • You can enable or disable the sound as per your requirement.


Name of the appNDS4iOS
Version3.57 MB
CategoryPaid & Other Apps
RatingHigh rated emulator
Latest release date16th August, 2021


Premium Music for Free: Spotify++ Download on iOS – TopStore.

Download NDS4iOS on iOS [iPhone & iPad]

You can download NDS4iOS from TopStore. TopStore is a third-party app store through which you can download popular tweaked iOS apps that are not present on the official app store. Please check below to view more details on TopStore and how to download and install the same on your iOS device.

   Download TopStore VIP App

Install NDS4iOS on iPhone/iPad from TopStore [STEPS]

  • Launch TopStore App on your iOS device.
  • Look out for NDS4iOS via the Search feature present in the store.


NDS4iOS Emulator - TopStore
NDS4iOS Emulator – TopStore
  • Tap on the NDS4iOS search result to make your way to the information screen.
  • Hit the ‘Get’ button to commence the installation process.
  • A pop-up might come stating that TopStore wants to install NDS4iOS on your iPhone. Hit ‘Install.’


Install NDS4iOS Emulator
Install NDS4iOS Emulator
  • Check out the installation progress from the home screen in the same way you do for an app that you download from App Store.
  • An additional step is to trust the profile of NDS4iOS post successful installation. You can trust the profile in Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.

Best NDS4iOS Alternatives available on iOS

Nintendo has been a great gaming aid to many of the users around world. People just love using Nintendo for gaming. NSD4iOS has brought up the possibility of playing Nintendo game on iOS. Here are some amazing alternatives of NSD4iOS on iOS.


This is a multi-purpose, open-source application that brings up some amazing catch to our Nintendo appetitive. You can use RetroArch to play many amazing version of games all at once.


Emu in the same stands for Emulator. As EmuBox stays amazingly easy to use, it has been a great alternative to NSD4iOS. So, if you want a good alternative, EmuBox is one of the best choice.


The DraStic application will bring drastic changes to your Nintendo gaming. The application will rise the graphics of your normal gaming experience to enhance your time spent within the game. The application doesn’t lag much and let you have a hassle free gaming.


This application is one of the latest launch app as alternatives for NSD4iOS. You can use varied range of file types to play games on your iOS device using SuperNDS. Rar, Zip, 7z, etc… all file types are supported within the application to make it easier spending time searching for games.


To have Nintendo experience on iOS device, iNDS allows you to grab it all. You do not have to jail break your device. You can directly enjoy playing games through this amazing application at one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Jailbreak Required to Install NDS4iOS?

No! You don’t need jailbreak to install NDS4iOS on your iPhone.

Q - ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error’ – How to fix?

You have missed trusting the profile of the emulator. Do the same and try re-launching the app thereafter.

Q - How to Play Games on NDS4iOS?

Find out the ROM file of the game from Google. Add the ROM file to NDS4iOS emulator and it will automatically load the game for you. Start playing!

Q - NDS4iOS Crashing. How to Fix?

It appears that Apple has revoked the certificate of NDS4iOS. In this case you need to remove the existing installation. Thereafter, reboot your device and do a fresh installation to fix the crashing issue.

Q - Is NDS4iOS Free to Download?

Yes! NDS4iOS is a free emulator.

Check out:

Conclusion – NDS4iOS Emulator Download from TopStore

That was all regarding NDS4iOS from our side. If you have any more questions popping in your mind, please let us know about the same via the comments section provided below. We will be happy to hear back from you.

Thank You.

Twitter++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) -MODDED

Download & Install Twitter ++ on iOS(iPhone & iPad) with TopStore App: It’s the year 2020 and if you have still haven’t heard about Twitter then you surely are leaving under a rock. Twitter is the most sort after micro blogging website with user base of millions of people across the globe.

Twitter++ Download on iOS - No Ads
Twitter++ Download on iOS – No Ads

It is a social network that enables its users to send and receive short messages which are known as “tweets”. The users can follow the various accounts/ Twitter handles (as they are called on Twitter), of various individuals, public figures, brands, and organizations and keep themselves updated about them by their tweets. It allows people to share their opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc with a larger audience. Also, check out: Instagram++ Download on iOS and appreciate the efforts the tweak developers put in to make this wonderful tweak version, I am a big fan of this tweaked version of Instagram.

Twitter++ on iOS – Features

Now, what if we tell you that you can enjoy more features than what is generally available on a normal Twitter App. Yes you read it right, you can enjoy a lot more features on Twitter ++ App for the iOS device users from TopStore App that too free of cost. Such features include:

  • Enablement/ Disablement of tweet sharing option.
  • Direct message sharing on other social media platforms by long-pressing the text or the message.
  • Opening of YouTube videos in the same app rather than being redirected to a new window.
  • Opening of Instagram media in the same app rather than being redirected to a new window.
  • Opening of URL in third-party web browsers.
  • Hassle-free sharing and saving of various media such as images, videos, GIFs, etc from Twitter.
  • Allows removing the status bar.
  • Allows removing Follow button.

Twitter++ App Information:

App NameTwitter++
CategorySocial Media (Tweaked Apps)

Twitter ++, is a tweaked and modified version of the Twitter App for the iOS device users and it can be downloaded from TopStore App that too without jailbreaking the iOS device. TopStore, a third-party source, similar to the original App Store, allows its users to access variously tweaked, hacked, or modified versions of various Apps. The iOS device users can download the TopStore App without jailbreaking their iOS device. It allows iOS device users to download and install Apps without jailbreaking their iOS device.

Must download the app for teenagers: Tinder++ Download on iOS for Free.

How To Install Twitter++ for iOS using Topstore

In order to download Twitter ++, the iOS device users shall have to uninstall the original Twitter App from their iOS device, if it is already installed. The iOS (iPhone or iPad) device users can download and install Twitter++ App by following steps:

  • Ensure that the phone has proper and stable internet connectivity.
  • Open the web browser on the iOS device and visit the below official blog of TopStore App.

   Download TopStore App [LATEST]

  • Download and Install TopStore App from the website stated in step 2.
  • “Trust” the TopStore App by accessing device management option in general settings feature of the iOS device.
  • Click on TopStore App icon to launch the same. TopStore App’s user interface is very identical to the original App store.
  • Enter Twitter ++ in the search bar of the TopStore App and click on “Search” to proceed further.
  • Next, Search ‘Twitter++’ in that search bar.
    Search 'Twitter++' App
    Search ‘Twitter++’ App
  • From the search results, click on Twitter++ App.
  • To download and install Twitter++ App, click on “Get” option.
    'Get' Twitter++ on iOS
    ‘Get’ Twitter++ on iOS
  • Next after clicking on ‘Get’, It will give you a prompt and asks you for the confirmation to install ‘Twitter++’, just tap on ‘Install’ and it starts the installation.
TopStore Install 'Twitter++'
TopStore Install ‘Twitter++’
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, and boom, it’s successfully installed on your device now.
  • Go to the device home screen, launch the Twitter++ app and enjoy the extra added features.

Twitter++ App – FAQ

What is Twitter++ App?

Twitter ++ is a tweaked version of the original Twitter App.

Is Twitter ++ App free App?

Yes, it’s absolutely free and can be downloaded from TopStore App.

Do I need to jail break my iOS device to download and install TopStore App?

No, it can be downloaded and installed without jail breaking the iOS device.

How to download and install Twitter ++ App from TopStore App on my iOS device?

Follow the steps elaborated in this article to download and install Twitter ++ App from TopStore App on your iOS device.

Twitter++ on iOS using IPA Method:

To install the Twitter++ IPA file on your iOS device you need to use Cydia Impactor. The Cydia Impactor is used to install Twitter++ IPA files on any iOS mobile device. Here are the steps to install the Twitter++ IPA file:

  • The first step is to download the Twitter++ IPA file on your PC from the given link.

Twitter++ IPA

  • Now download and install the Cydia Impactor application. This Cydia Impactor application is used to install Twitter++ IPA.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your iOS device to the PC where you have installed Cydia Impactor.
  • Now open the Cydia Impactor app on your PC.
  • Find the downloaded Twitter++ IPA file in your downloads folder. Drag and drop the Twitter++ IPA file on the Cydia Impactor.
  • Before installation of the Twitter++ app, Cydia Impactor will request your Apple ID credentials. Create a new Apple ID to use with Twitter++ else you can input the details of the old one.
  • Once the ID is connected, the Twitter++ IPA will be installed.
  • Open the settings page on the mobile. There you have to choose General. Then select Profile and Device Management.
  • In the Profile & Device Management, find the installed Twitter++ IPA. Click on the Trust button near the installed app.
  • Now you can launch the app from the home screen of your iOS device. Enjoy

How to Uninstall Twitter++ on iOS

If you want to uninstall this version and install the original version of Twitter, just follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, go to Home Screen.
  • Search for Twitter++ and go to the App Desk.
  • Now click and Hold the Twitter++ icon.
  • Tap on Delete App and continue.

Best Alternatives for WhatsApp on iOS 

If you love having a social life, then WhatsApp is considered as most reliable application right now. But we often noticed that many features within the application limit users to enjoy the services. So, here are some amazing WhatsApp alternatives on iOS.


From the same parent company, Messenger serves as a very avid social media service that will allow you to exchange messages and other media content with ease. So, if you want to have a great experience in communicating, then Messenger is your call to go app.


Even though Skype is mostly used for video conversion, but it is one of the best texting app. Many people use Skype for business and professional purposes. The soft and comforting user interface will amaze you.


A very common application when compared to WhatsApp, WeChat is just the perfect fit for alternative calls of WhatsApp. Many people have initiated their approach towards giving WeChat a fair try.


Most recently to avoid a lot of restrictions within WhatsApp, people started to switch to Telegram. So, if you are looking for a common application with smooth service and less confusing gestures, then Telegram is the best choice.


People have begun using Instagram as a social media application for chatting. So, if you are putting up faith in the app for comfortable usage, Instagram is the best choice. It has a very good user interface and group chatting system. You can share images and have conversations all the go.

Also, check out these amazing apps from TopStore for Free:

Twitter++ Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad) – TopStore App

Once downloaded and installed successfully, Twitter++ App shall allow its users to enjoy all the other cool extra features, so hurry up and download Twitter++ right away from the TopStore App.

Thank You.

Tinder++ Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – [Tinder GOLD Unlocked]

Tinder is a trending dating app in the market right now. You can meet people near you and chat with them. However, there are some limitations to the app. To compensate for this, Tinder++ was introduced. It is a modded version of Tinder that for iOS. With Tinder++, you can connect with people from all parts of the world.

Tinder++ Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad)

Tinder++ for iOS devices offers you everything for free. It has many functions available in the premium version of Tinder. As it is a mod, you have to get it from an external source. The best one is TopStore, which is an app store alternative for iOS. You can download Tinder++ on iOS for free using TopStore. Check Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).

Features of Tinder++ | TopStore

Tinder++ iOS is the best app that will let you connect with hundreds of people. You can even find matches and talk to them. Here are some extra features in the latest Tinder++ for iOS.

  1. You can change the location and get matches from different places.
  2. It has a Super Like option using which you can give super likes to 5 profiles every day.
  3. You also have a chance of getting more matches as your profile gets listed as top 10.
  4. It also lets you share information selectively as you wish.
  5. The app is totally free of ads.

Tinder++ has many privacy settings that let you protect your profile and information. At the time, you have chances of finding potential matches.

CategoryTweaked Apps

Install Tinder++ on iOS from TopStore

Tinder++ is one of the most downloaded apps for iOS. You can easily get Tinder++ iOS using TopStore for free. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the Safari browser and go to the given URL.

   TopStore App Download

  • Hit the Install button to download TopStore.
  • Go to Settings, open the Profile & Device Management option and Trust TopStore.


  • Launch TopStore and find Tinder++.
  • Click on Install to download Tinder++ iOS.


  • Navigate to Settings, tap on the Profile & Device Management option and Trust Tinder++.

List of Favorite Games:

GTA San Andreas Hack on iPhone & iPad – UPDATED.

Garena Free Fire Hack Download on iOS Without Jailbreak.

How to uninstall Tinder++ on iOS?

If you want to uninstall the Tinder++ version and install the original version, just follow the steps below:

  • First of all, go to your home screen.
  • Go to the Apps deck.
  • Now click on Tinder++ and hold it.
  • You will get an option to delete the app, just tap on it.
  • The App will get uninstalled and you will be able to install Tinder.

Best  Tinder Alternatives of 2021

Tinder has been one of the top most used apps all across the world to explore and find new people. It has millions of people from different cities and countries. You might have to struggle a bit to find your match. But it is not the only app!

However, Tinder is not the only app, we have several apps which serve the purpose. If you are one of the people who find Tinder to be a regular app, you should try the five best tinder++ alternatives.

  • OkCupid Dating: “You are more than just a picture”, the tagline of the app says it all. It is one of the best alternatives to Tinder++, it matches people according to their interest and fixes dates.
  • Happn: If you want to date a person whom you already know and have crossed paths with, this app is for you. This app makes things happen, for real. It collects all your information related to location, contacts and finds the perfect match for you.
  • Plenty Of Fish: If you want to hunt your fish, you gonna love this app. This app is the same as Tinder but it provides its features for free. This is the best app if you wish to explore people free of cost.
  • Bumble: If you are a woman tired of receiving unwanted texts from strangers, then switch to Bumble. Bumble is the same as Tinder but the one big difference is that it allows only women to text first.
  • eHarmony: This is the first-ever dating app that uses scientific calculations to find a match for you. It works based on the Compatibility testing system and checks 30 plus dimensions for an ever-lasting relationship.

TINDER++ on iOS | FAQs

What is Tinder++ for iOS?

Tinder++ for iOS is a premium version of Tinder that you can use to meet new people from around the world. This version gives you advanced features on your Tinder account. You have Super like an option that lets you super like 5 accounts per day, rewind to see the accounts you accidentally removed and passport option to spoof your location. You can meet more people than ever with these features.

Can you download Tinder++ on iOS for free?

Yes, you can get all the features in Tinder++ for free by downloading from an app store alternative for iOS devices.

Is Tinder++ for iOS legal?

Yes, Tinder++ on iOS is legal. The premium version can be downloaded for free and without jailbreaking iOS devices. That’s all it does. It does not harm the device as it is free of errors.

Can you change the location using Tinder++ on iOS?

Of course, yes. With the new passport option on Tinder++ for iOS, you can change your current location to any place as you wish. This lets you meet people from different parts of the world. You will be open to more options.

Final Words – Download Tinder++ on iPhone & iPad

With Tinder++, you can easily manage your location and get to meet more users worldwide. You can get more popular in the app by getting this mod. You will find your potential matches easily using this app. All these dating services are provided for free.

Tinder++ is the best way to connect with like-minded people.

Tachiyomi App iOS Download for (iPhone & iPad) – Best Manga Reader

Are you tired of searching for your favourite manga on the internet? Why hassle anymore? Just install the Tachiyomi application on your iOS device and enjoy your favourite manga and other comics for free. The application has great collection of manga that will amaze you through every corner. Make sure to fill your manga appetite now by installing Tachiyomi App.

Tachiyomi App iOS Download for (iPhone & iPad)

After a lot of research on the queries, we got this guide to help you install the Tachiyomi App safely on your iOS device. So before we begin let’s see what features come along with the app. Check Out: Nekkoto App Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tachiyomi App | Features:

The following are the features that come along with the Tachiyomi App for free:

  • Simple yet elegant user interface.
  • Extended collection of Manga only available on Tachiyomi app.
  • Safe and secure history of your progress.
  • Download a PDF version of your favourite manga by registering on the app.

Aren’t these features just amazing? Let’s see how we can install the Tachiyomi Application for free on your iOS device.

Install Tachiyomi App for iOS with TopStore

The application is available for free on the internet, but we cannot install it through our default iOS app store. We have to install a third-party app store called TopStore App to install the Tachiyomi App.

  • Go to your browser and visit the official website of TopStore.
  • Give access to the browser to install applications for unsecured sources and install TopStore.
  • After the application is installed, go to Settings > General and search for the profile. Change the profile of the TopStore app to ‘trusted’.

Install TopStore

  • Now, visit the TopStore app and search for Tachiyomi App.

tachyomi ios

  • Click on the ‘get’ button to start installing the app.

Install Tachyomi

  • After the Tachiyomi Application is installed, go to Settings > General and change the profile to ‘trusted’.

Tachyomi iOS

  • Now, open the Tachiyomi App and start using it for free.

Wow! That was easy, right? TopStore will allow you to install various tweaked versions of many applications for free. So, do not wait and start exploring amazing features and apps now.

How To use Tachiyomi App on an iOS device?

After the application is installed, open it and you will find a lot of categories and a search bar. You can directly search for your favourite manga or explore the app to find some amazing content. The application saves your progress and if you want to download the PDF version of your favourite manga then simply register yourself in the application and download the PDF version.

The application suggests manga and comics that are related to your search history and gives you extensive access to premium content as well. You can change the language in the Settings and set up your account in the profile section. This is simple right? So why wait? Follow our above guide to install the Tachiyomi app on your iOS device for free using the TopStore App now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I download my favourite manga offline using Tachiyomi App?

Yes, you can download the PDF version of your favourite manga using Tachiyomi App by simply registering on it. After registering, go to your favourite manga, find the option of ‘download’ and proceed downloading the PDF version.

Q - Is my search history safe on Tachiyomi App in iOS?

Yes, your search history is safe when you read manga on Tachiyomi App. Do not worry about any privacy related issues. Tachiyomi app is a safe and secured app that will help you read your favourite manga without any hassle.

Q - Do I need to jail break my device to install Tachiyomi App on iOS?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to install Tachiyomi App on iOS. You can simply install it using third party App store called TopStore. Download it for free and get access to limitless fun and content.

Must Check Games from TopStore App:

Conclusion – Tachiyomi App Download on iOS [Best Anime Reader]

We hope it is time for not to spend hours and hours searching for your favourite manga online. Tachiyomi App is here for filling up all your interests of your favourite content. Do not wait and install the Tachiyomi App now. If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you.

FilzaEscaped iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad) – [No Jailbreak]

Filza – The File Manager for iOS (iPhone/iPad) : If you have spent considerable time using an iPhone/iPad, you must know by now that Filza Explorer is probably the only decent file manager application available for iOS.

Download FilzaEscaped on iOS(iPhone/iPad)

However, you must jailbreak your iPhone/iPad in order to install the same. Seeing the plight of the non-jailbroken users, the developers of Filza launched Filza Escaped, which is a version of Filza that works on non-jailbroken iOS devices. You can download Filza Escaped from TopStore on your iPhone/iPad. Must check article: Get iSpoofer Pokemon Go on iOS/Android (Pokemon Go Hack).

What is TopStore?

TopStore is a third-party application store that houses almost all the hacked, modified, tweaked, and third-party iOS apps including Filza Escaped. These applications are not available on the official App Store. The good news is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iOS device for installing TopStore and it is absolutely free to download and use.

Continue reading to know the steps to install Filza from TopStore. Also, Check out: Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak & No PC.

What Can We Do with FilzaEscaped?

  • You can have a look at your device’s system files without jailbreak.
  • You can perform basic tasks like cut, copy, move, etc.
  • If needed, you can also modify the file formats using Filza.

Please note that if you have an Apple Developer Account, you can download the second variant of Filza Escaped that is particularly developed for developer account holders.

Is FilzaEscaped at par with Filza Explorer?

Well! You won’t get all the functionalities in the non-jailbroken version but you do get features that are necessary for a classic file manager application.

Going forward, the following are the steps to install Filza on iOS from TopStore.

Install Filza from TopStore on iOS

  • As a first, please install TopStore on your iOS device. You can check out the steps for the same by tapping here:

   TopStore VIP Download

  • Do trust the profile of TopStore after installation.
  • Launch TopStore and enter ‘Filza’ in the search bar.

filza search

  • Hit ‘Go’ and Filza will come up as one of the top search results.
  • Tap on the same to go to the application info screen where you require tapping on ‘Get’ to initiate the installation.

get option filzaescaped

  • Check out the installation progress on the home screen.

install filza

  • After successful installation, do trust the profile of Filza.

Best 5 FilzaEscaped Alternatives on iOS 

iStorage 2HD

The application is a great alternative to FilzaEscaped. It has a smooth user interface and can be accessed even without the internet. It is your one-stop for all managing options that are required for your iOS device.

Files Pro

The device has great features and helps you transfer files from your iOS device to your Desktop/Mac within a few minutes. It has a great files managing system that allows you to sleek your storage to the minimum without hanging up your device.


Simplicity is the second name for this application. FileApp helps users to transfer files from PC to various iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad in a very easing manner.


As the name suggests, iFile is an application that covers up all your needs of managing files on your phone. So, hop on the device now to get amazed with the unique features in-built into the application.

Files United

Last but not the least, Files United brings up all the features required for an iDevice to manage files. It has a centralized arrangement system that locks up all user-friendly features up and is above the user’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can anyone use FilzaEscaped on their device without any tutorial?

Filza is pretty complicated to work on and if you don't know how to work on the same you will end up in a mess. So it's better to get a proper tutorial on the same and use it.

Q - Is it possible to delete system files using Filza on iOS?

First of all, you shouldn't delete any kind of system files on your iPhone/iPad cause it will lead to a lot of software issues. Yes, it's possible to delete the files.

Q - Is it safe to install Filzaescaped on your device?

Yes, it's completely safe to install the same on your device.

Q - What are the best iOS versions for the FilzaEscaped app?

You can use Filzaescaped on your iOS versions and from iOS 11.

Download FilzaEscaped on iOS 14 [iPhone/iPad]

That’s it! You have successfully installed Filza on your iOS device. In case you face any issues while using the application or have any queries, feel free to ask us via the comments section provided below.

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Best TopStore Alternatives You Should Try [2021]

TopStore Alternatives | Similar Apps Like TopStore: Launched recently, TopStore is a third-party app store on iOS that houses a great deal of hacked, modified, and tweaked iOS apps and games. These third-party applications, due to Apple’s policies and app-related guidelines, are not available on the official Apple App Store. In fact, a good number of these applications are exclusively available on TopStore only.


However, the newer the platform, the more bugs and issues it has to face in its initial days and TopStore is no stranger to that. Rest assured the development team is working actively to resolve all the issues being faced by the users of TopStore. Until then, if you desire, you can opt for a cool TopStore alternative. You needn’t go far to look for them as in this post, we are going to detail similar apps like TopStore. Delta Emulator is my favourite application to play my GBA games on my iPhone X, you also do check it out.

Best TopStore Alternatives [Top Similar Apps]


This list will be incomplete without mentioning TweakBox. TweakBox is the most popular third-party app store in the relative market. You can find any third-party application that you are looking for on TweakBox.


Apart from third-party apps, you will also find fully-cracked versions of the iOS apps that are available in the paid section of the official Apple App Store, but TweakBox houses them for free. Moreover, the user interface of TweakBox is minimal and simple to use.

Premium Music for Free: Spotify++ Download on iOS – TopStore.


If you are amused at the name of this third-party app store, then you must know that the platform stands true to its name. You will find a plethora of third-party iOS apps and games on AppValley. The beauty of this platform is that its interface is almost similar to the official Apple App Store.


Hence, even first time users won’t face any problem navigating through the application. If you are unable to locate a particular application on AppValley, you can raise a request with the development team to add the same. Your request will be handled on a priority basis.


TutuApp is a Chinese third-party App Store that is quite popular for providing hacked gamed and ++ iOS applications like WhatsApp++, Snapchat++, Instagram++, and more. The benefit of TutuApp is that it comes with an inbuilt virus scanner and memory cleaner that keeps your iOS device running on full performance.


Similar to AppValley, the user interface of TutuApp is almost similar to the official Apple App Store. TutuApp comes in a regular (free) version and a paid VIP version as well.


As it becomes clear from the name, Emus4U provides all the popular emulators for iOS. You can consider Emus4U a one-stop-shop for downloading all the amazing emulators that you can think of. Gaming emulators like GBA4iOS, SNES4iOS, NDS4iOS, and more are available on this platform as a free download.

Emus4u Installer
Emus4u Installer

Using these gaming emulators you can enjoy all the old-school games on your iPhone/iPad. Apart from emulators, Emus4U hosts a considerable number of popular third-party apps and games as well.


Users install iOSEmus to download some popular mods, hacks, and emulators that are not easily available on other relative platforms. From iOSEmus, you can download a few popular Cydia tweaks as well and install the same on your iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.


This can easily uplift your smartphone’s performance to the next level. Another benefit of iOSEmus is the amazing download and installation speed. Any application, irrespective of its size, gets downloaded and installed within a minute on your smartphone.

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is another Chinese third-party app store. Though Panda Helper holds a variety of mods and hacks, it is particularly known for providing hacked versions of popular games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, Injustice 2, and more. Using these hacked versions, you can easily cross any level and quickly progress on the leader board when participating in a multiplayer game.

Panda Helper
Panda Helper

Apart from hacked games, the platform also hosts tweaked versions of popular social media applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. In these tweaked versions, you get to enjoy more features that are not available in the original versions. However, you require uninstalling the original application prior to installing the tweaked version of the same.

Best Games from TopStore App:

Ignition App

If you are interested in jailbreaking your iOS device, then Ignition is the right platform for you. This is because Ignition hosts all the popular jailbreak apps, tools, and utilities like Electra, Chimera, Checkra1n, and UnC0ver. You can easily download any jailbreak application from Ignition.

Ignition App
Ignition App

Apart from hosting jailbreak apps and utilities, Ignition also holds a few of the useful tweaked iOS apps and games that are downloaded by almost every user who is availing the services of a third-party app store.


AppEven is a third-party app store that is well known for providing tweaked, ++ apps, and modified games that are not present on the official Apple App Store. If you wish to download IPA files of popular third-party apps like Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++, WhatsApp++, and more, then AppEven is your best option.


The platform boasts a simple and easily understandable user interface. Moreover, thanks to the hardworking development team, updates in the form of new third-party apps and games are pretty quick on AppEven.


If you are looking for ways to jailbreak your iPhone using your Windows PC then you should definitely try Pangu Jailbreaking software. But the software is completely in the Chinese language. So PPHelper was originally developed by the Pangu company to help English users. The process of jailbreaking your iOS device is just like rooting your android phone.


Once you jailbreak your iOS device, you will get complete access to your device. You can also access the system files of your device. Normally Apple won’t let you access the system or core files in your device for security purposes. Make sure to backup all your data before proceeding for jailbreak.


Apps4iPhone is so far the best third-party app store to download all the tweaked apps such MusicBox, iSpoofer PokemonGo, unc0ver, NBA 2K20, etc. Apps4iPhone lets you install apps that are not even available in the official stores. Also, certificate revokes are very less common in Apps4iPhone. With Apps4iPhone you can even install and try out the new iOS versions 14 and 15 using the beta profiles.

It also has a large IPA library where you can download and install IPA games and IPA apps. The only drawback of the Apps4iPhone app is that it is exclusive only for iOS devices. You cannot install them and use them on android devices.


vShare third-party app store will allow you to download all the exclusive apps that are not available on any official platform without jailbreaking or rooting. vShare is supported all the major OS platforms including iOS, Windows, and Android. All the applications that can be downloaded from vShare are available for free. You need not pay anything to download and install apps.

Not only apps, but you can also download premium games, movie streaming apps, and music streaming apps. The vShare app reduces the need to jailbreak/root the device. This will protect the warranty of the device and also lets you enjoy the premium apps. To install the app on PC you can download the .exe file from the official website. You need not use the emulator. 


AppCake is suitable for users who don’t like to jailbreak/root their device to protect the warranty of the device but love to install the tweaked and hacked apps at the same time. With AppCake you can enjoy all the modded apps, tweaked apps, premium apps without rooting or jailbreaking your device. All genre apps are available to install from AppCake.

Apps that belong to genres such as business, news, medical, finance, etc are available to download for free in AppCake. With AppCake you can also submit your own apps to be used by the public. Just make sure your app is safe to use by the users and you can request the AppCake developer team to add your app to the app store.

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Final Words – Best TopStore Alternatives [2021]

These are some of the best TopStore alternatives available in the relative market. If you wish to add to the above list, you are most welcome to do the same via the comments section provided below.

Also, if you have any questions or queries, let us know about same. The required answers will be provided on a priority basis.

Thank You.

MediaBox HD iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [LATEST]

Watch Movies/TV Shows for free– Download MediaBox HD from TopStore: Nowadays, the primary source of entertainment is digital. Every weekend a new movie is coming up in theaters and we have a ton of TV series that are already streaming on the official apps.

However, the services provided by the official apps are not free and it is not possible to go to a multiplex each weekend.

This is where third-party streaming apps come in the picture. In this post, we are going to talk about one such third-party streaming app that goes by the name of ‘MediaBox HD’ and how to install the same on your iOS device. This is my favorite app in TopStore: YouTube++ Download on iOS.

MediaBox HD | Features:

MediaBox HD is a third-party streaming application that allows you to stream movies/TV series for free. The app doesn’t come with any hidden costs or in-app charges.

  • Stream movies/TV series in HD.
  • Compatible with Chromecast.
  • Compatible with Android TV Box and Firestick.
  • Multi-language subtitles are available.
NameMediaBox HD App
CategoryMovies & TV Shows

Install MediaBox HD on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

  • At first, you require installing TopStore on your iOS device. For those who don’t know, TopStore is a third-party iOS app installer.
  • Please click here to check out the steps to install TopStore on iOS.

   TopStore VIP

  • After a successful installation, please trust the profile of TopStore.
  • Launch TopStore and conduct a search for MediaBox HD.
    Search "MediaBox HD App" - TopStore
    Search “MediaBox HD App” – TopStore
  • Tap on the search results and hit ‘Go’ on the application info screen.
    "Get MediaBox HD" - TopStore
    “Get MediaBox HD” – TopStore
  • Press ‘Allow’ on the pop-up that comes up next.
  • This will initiate the installation of MediaBox HD on iOS devices.
    Install MediaBox HD - TopStore App
    Install MediaBox HD – TopStore App
  • After successful installation, don’t forget to trust its profile prior to launching.
  • Launch MediaBox HD from the icon present on the home screen of your iOS device.

Do we Require Jailbreaking our iPhone/iPad to use MediaBox HD?

This is the beauty of these third-party streaming apps. You do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing MediaBox HD. Hence, you are not voiding the warranty of your device with the installation of MediaBox HD.

Is it Safe to Use MediaBox HD?

MediaBox HD doesn’t demand any kind of registration or sign-up process. Hence, you needn’t enter any of your personal details to use the application. Moreover, since you are not jailbreaking your iOS device, the application is safe to use.

PROs and CONs


  • You can stream almost any latest movie or TV show released recently for free. All the streaming links available in the MediaBox HD will be of very high quality.
  • You can watch movies even when you don’t have an internet connection. But you need to download the movie first using the download button in the app.
  • Every available Movie/TV show/Documentary in the library can be streamed along with pre-loaded subtitles. Subtitles are selectable in any language of your choice.
  • You can set themes for the app according to your taste.
  • Third-party video players such as VLC, MX players are supported.
  • If the movie you are looking for is not available in the app then you can request the editor of the app to add the streaming link of the movie using the contact form.


  • Sometimes movie streaming links in the MediaBox HD app throw 404 errors and it becomes difficult for you to watch the movie in the app.
  • Few latest movies are not available in good quality and also there are no subtitles for the movies.
  • The MediaBox HD app has some bugs which might cause the app to crash unexpectedly.
  • There are too many ads in the app and it sometimes causes an unpleasant user experience.
  • MediaBox HD works only in some iOS versions.
  • Sometimes the editor/developer team takes literally days to respond to your queries. Also, there is no guarantee that the movie you requested will be added to the library.

Great Apps in TopStore App:

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Final Words – Download MediaBox HD on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

These were the simple steps to install MediaBox HD on iOS from TopStore. If you face any issues during the installation or while using the application, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. Till then, sit on your favorite couch and enjoy the latest movies/TV series on your iOS device.

Thank You.

Cute Cut Pro iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [LATEST]

Are you looking for the best app to edit your videos? Cute Cut Pro is all you need. It is a video editor and movie maker app for your iOS devices. You can add amazing effects to your photos and videos using the app. You can arrange videos and sequence them to create an amazing video.

It also lets you create a video by combining pictures from your gallery. It lets you make every photo and video more interesting with the excellent tools available. You can rectify all the errors in a video or change the lightings by adding new effects.

Cute Cut Pro for iOS is a paid app. Now, you can get them for free. All you have to do is to download Cute Cut Pro on iOS using TopStore. It is a third-party app installer that gives you access to your favorite mods and hacks for free. You can check out the procedure to download Cute Cut Pro on iOS in this article. Check Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).

Features | Cute Cut Pro on iOS

Cute Cut Pro is a great tool to edit your photos and videos. You can get amazing tools and filters using this app. There are many advanced features in Cute Cut Pro which you might like.

  1. You can combine any number of videos as there is no size restriction.
  2. There are many brush tools that let you edit photos and every frame of videos separately.
  3. Drawing tools are available in the app.
  4. Transition effects are available in it. You can also customize them as you like.
  5. You can add texture, gradients, shadows, and more using the tools in the app.

There are many filters in Cute Cut Pro that are also customizable to add to your photos and videos. You can completely transform your media files.

Install Cute Cut Pro on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

The latest Cute Cut Pro has advanced features and gives you the best user interface that is accessible to everyone. It is easy to edit videos and create movies using Cute Cut Pro iOS. Now, get the app for free by downloading Cute Cut Pro on iOS using TopStore.

  • Take the Safari browser and go to the provided below.

   TopStore App Download

  • Tap on the Install option to get TopStore.
  • Navigate to the Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option to Trust TopStore.
  • Open TopStore and search for Cute Cut Pro.

Install Cute Cut PRO

  • Select the app and click on Install to download it.


  • Open the Settings, take the Profile & Device Management and Trust Cute Cut Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How much storage do I need in my device to download Cute Cut Pro iOS?

The size of the Cute Cut Pro app is 41 MB. You need to have at least 100MB of storage in your iPhone or iPad to install and operate the Cute Cut Pro iOS app.

Q - How to remove the watermark from the final output in Cute Cut Pro?

To remove the watermark you need to purchase the Pro version of the Cute Cut app. With the tweaked version of the Cute Cut Pro app you can remove the watermark by Settings-> General -> Remove Watermark.

Q - Do you need to jailbreak your iOS device to install Cute Cut Pro?

No, since you install the app using TuTuApp you need not jailbreak your device. You need to jailbreak the device only if you are planning to install the Cute Cut Pro app directly.

Q - Is it safe to allow the Cute CUT Pro app to access the gallery?

It is 100% safe to let Cute Cut Pro access the gallery. It requires gallery access just to save the photos and videos.

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Conclusion – Latest Cute Cut Pro on iOS [iPhone & iPad]

Cute Cut Pro for iOS is a simple way to upgrade your photos and videos. You can edit them and make them stunning with all the tools in the app. There are advanced gradient and selective tool options in Cute Cut Pro iOS which you can access for free. You only have to download Cute Cut Pro on iOS using TopStore to enjoy these features.

Download TVMob App for iOS(iPhone & iPad) – TVTap Pro APK

TVMob on iOS – Download Now on iPhone/iPad from TopStore: With more than 500 Live TV Channels, HD Content, and High-Quality servers used at the backend; TVMob is one of the popular third-party Live TV streaming apps.

TVMob App Download on iOS
TVMob App Download on iOS

Upon launch, TVMob App was available only for Android; however, now we have TVMob for iPhone/iPad as well. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps that you require following to install TVMob Latest on iOS devices. You can check out: OnlyFans++ App Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad) No Jailbreak & No PC Required.

TVMob Download on iOS (iPhone & iPad) – Features

The latest version of TVMob on iOS comes with Chromecast support. This allows you to cast content from your iOS device to the big screen of your television.

TVMob (TVTap Pro APK) for iOS
TVMob (TVTap Pro APK) for iOS
  • The user interface of the application is simple to navigate with different categories holding all the available channels. These categories are News, History, Sports, Movies, Food, Documentary, Entertainment, Music, Food, and more. Even if you are going to use the application for the first time, you won’t face any issues navigating through the interface.
  • You can see the time for your favorite shows under the section Schedule. Apart from that, there are two more sections namely Recently Watched and Favorites. You can add a channel that you frequently stream under Favorites to access it quickly.
  • The default player of TVMob is capable enough to play all media. However, if you wish to utilize an external player, there is an option to incorporate MX Player as well.
  • You don’t need to subscribe or create an account on the app to use the services. Just install and launch the app to start streaming your favorite TV shows in HD.

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Download TVMob App on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

We will utilize the services of TopStore to download TVMob on iOS. TopStore is a third-party app store that houses all the hacked/modded iOS apps and games. Before you can download TVMob on iOS, make sure you have TopStore installed. Check out the below link to install TopStore on your iOS device.

   Download TopStore App

Install TVMob Live TV App on iOS from TopStore [STEPS]

  • Launch TopStore App.
TopStore Apps Interface
TopStore Apps Interface
  • You can hop around the interface of the app to check out its contents. Use the Direct Search option to look for TVMob latest version on iOS.
  • Once the search results come up, tap on TVMob from the listing.
  • On the next screen that comes up, please hit the Download/Install button to start downloading TVMob on iOS.
  • On a warning that comes up next stating that TopStore wants to install TvTap; please tap on Install.
  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen of your iOS device.
  • After the installation is complete, navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. 
  • Locate the profile of TVMob.

TVMob (TVTap Pro APK) Installed on iPhone and iPad

  • Tap on the profile and hit Trust.

Now, you are all set to launch TVMob on your iPhone or iPad and stream your favorite Live TV channels.

TVMob App User Interface for iOS

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Are new channels added to TVMob?

Yes! The development team adds new channels on a periodic basis.

Q – Is TVMob Free to Use?

Yes! TVMob is completely free to use with no hidden costs or in-app charges.

Q – Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone/iPad to install TVMob App?

No! You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to install TVMob.

Q – Are there ads in TVMob?

No! TVMob doesn’t contain ads.

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Conclusion – TVMob on iOS No Jailbreak from TopStore

That is how you get to stream your favorite Live TV channels on iOS using TVMob without jailbreak. If you run into any kind of issues while using the application, we are here to help you. Please drop us your feedback in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.