Install CokernutX PC on macOS – [Complete Guide]

Tweaked apps and games are coming up every day and you will need a trustworthy source to get them. Most of the third-party app store alternatives for iOS have faced major setbacks due to the continuous revoke by the Apple servers. If you are an iOS user who likes to enjoy tweaks and hacks without jailbreaking the device, then you should check out CokernutX PC.

CokernutX Download for PC Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac

This app store offers all the Cydia tweaks and hacks to download for free. All you have to do is to download CokernutX on PC and access the huge database of apps on iOS devices. The detailed instructions are provided in the coming sections. Check Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).

How does CokernutX PC work?

CokernutX PC is the safest way to download tweaks on iOS devices. This is because it makes use of your Apple ID and credentials while downloading IPA files on iOS. This does not jailbreak your iOS device and is actually allowed by the Apple servers. As you enter a personal Apple ID on CokernutX, the tweaked apps and games you download can never get revoked.

You have to download CokernutX on your macOS. Using this, you can sideload IPA files on iOS devices.

Why Should I Install CokernutX on PC?

With CokernutX on PC, you will never have to compromise security to get your favorite apps. You can sideload third-party apps and games without jailbreaking iOS. The apps that you download from CokernutX cannot be revoked and the installation can be refreshed once in a week by simply connecting to the PC with CokernutX. There are hundreds of paid apps that can be downloaded for free with this app store. CokernutX PC also offers an advantage to iOS app developers. You can now install the IPA you created on iOS safely with this app store.

Requirements to Install CokernutX on PC

You will require the following before you proceed to the installation of CokernutX on PC.

  • A macOS with version 10.14.0 or above.
  • An Apple developer account. You can use the existing account or create a new one just for CokernutX, which is preferred.
  • Data cables to connect your iDevice to MacOS.

You can refer to the following section to install CokernutX PC and get tweaks on iOS devices.

How to Install CokernutX PC on MacOS

The only way to safely download third-party apps on iOS is by sideloading with the CokernutX app store on PC. This is a simple procedure that lets you download CokernutX within minutes.

  • Go to the browser on Mac and open the prescribed URL to download the CokernutX ZIP file.
  • Click on Download and unzip the CokernutX Server ZIP file once it is downloaded.

  • Find file from here and copy this file to the Applications folder.
  • The CokernutX Server icon will be displayed on the Menu bar of Mac, which you need to open.
  • Unlock the iOS device and connect it to your Mac via data cables. You need to click on Trust to enable the connection and enter your Apple ID and Password.

enter apple id and pass

  • If you are a macOS Mojave user, open the iTunes, choose your iDevice and turn on Wi-Fi Sync for this iDevice option.
  • If you have macOS Catalina, launch the Finder and enable Show this iDevice when on Wi-Fi option.
  • Click on the CokernutXServer icon from the menu bar and you will find a popup from which you have to hit the Install CokernutX option.
  • You need to choose the device name to install CokernutX on that particular iDevice.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the Apple ID and password for the developer account that you created.


  • You will receive a window from the CokernutX Server menu where you have to click on the Install Mail plug-in.
  • Enter the password once again to complete the installation.
  • Close any previous mail tabs that were running during the process and launch Mail from CokernutX Server.
  • Navigate to the Preferences section and click on the Manage Plug-ins option.
  • You need to enable the AltPlugin.mail bundle and then hit the Apply and Restart Mail option.

cokernutx on iPhone

  • CokernutX will be installed on the connected iDevice within a few minutes.

That’s all you have to do. You can find the CokernutX app on your iOS device. Launch this and download your desired apps.

CokernutX Alternatives on iOS

CokerNutX is one of the best third-party app store. You would love using it to download all the applications that aren’t available on normal app store. This application allows you to download these applications without jail break. It has a big library. But if you have any wish to install the alternatives of CokerNutX, then here is the best list.


We are sure that you may have heard about TuTuApp at least once. It allows you to download all the modified applications for free without jail break and keeps your applications updated on regular basis.


Be ready to dive deep in the valley of all mod and hacked applications with AppValley. It is another best application that serves you installation service of apps that you need the most.


Ignition is a third-party application store that is inspired by App Store. The best feature of this application is segregation and suggestion. So be ready to ignite you application need now.


Do you miss the control over your application choice? You are at the right place, it is time for you to install Cydia to enjoy all application requirement on the go for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I install CokerNutX in iOS device?

You can easily install CokerNutX application on your iOS device through their official website. Do not forget to change the profile of CokerNutX to ‘trusted’, to do so, go to Settings > General > Profile.

Q - Is it safe using CokerNutX on iOS?

CokerNutX application is an alternative of Apple Store. Yes, it is safe to use it on your iOS device. It allows users to download various tweaked applications for free. The data and privacy of users using CokerNutX is safe.

Q - Do I have to jail break my device to install CokerNutX on my iOS device?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to install CokerNutX. You can simply install the application through the official website of CokerNutX and enjoy downloading premium applications for free.

Q - Does CokerNutX on iOS provide Support?

Yes, you can take support of from the team of CokerNutX. The best way to raise questions and queries to the team is via social media. You can contact the developers of CokerNutX through their official twitter channel. Most of the queries and problems are solved and mentioned on their website.

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Verdict – Install CokernutX PC on (Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac)

If you wish to have a safe and secure platform to install tweaked apps on iOS devices, CokernutX PC is all you need. You can find all kinds of apps and games in its database that are free to install. For further queries, you can always contact us through the comments section.

Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack on iOS(iPhone & iPad) – Free Download

Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack on iOS with TopStore [iPhone/iPad]: Tiny Gladiators 2 comes with a simple goal. Destroy your enemies coming your way and get rich and attain honour and fame in the process.

Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack Game on iOS

You have single-player, PvP, speedy battles, and a ton of customization preferences. However, what to do when your opponent is way more powerful than you? In such sticky situations, we have the Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack for iOS.  Must check guide – OnlyFans++ App Free Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad).

How Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack on iOS Works?

Using Tiny Gladiators 2 MOD on iOS, you can simply freeze your opponents in their tracks. Hence, when the opponent is way more powerful than you, all you got to do is freeze him and defeat him. Apart from the power to freeze your enemies, you get Unlimited Currency, Gold, and Diamonds with Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack for iOS.

Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack for iOS | App Info

NameTiny Gladiators 2 Hacked Version
CategoryTweaked Games
License TypeFree
Last Updated08/10/2021
CompatibilityiOS 8 or higher (iPhone/iPad)
DeveloperBoomBit, Inc.
Size~100 MB

How to Download Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack for iPhone/iPad

To download the hack, you need to have TopStore installed on your iOS device. TopStore is a third-party app store that caters to hacked, modded, and tweaked iOS apps and games. Check out the link below to install TopStore on iOS.

   Download TopStore App

Also, check out – Clash of Clans Hack Game on iOS(iPhone & iPad) | TopStore App.

Install Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack on iOS with TopStore [STEPS]

  • Launch TopStore on your iPhone/iPad.

TopStore Homepage

  • Conduct a search for Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack.

Search TinyGladiators 2 Hack on TopStore

  • Tap on the search result and you will be navigated to the app info screen.
  • From here, hit the Get button to jump-start the download and installation process.Install TinyGladiators 2 Game on iPhone and iPad
  • Tap on Install/Allow on the popup that comes up next asking your permission to allow TopStore to continue with the installation process.

Install Tiny Gladiators 2 Mod Game Hack on iOS

  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After the installation is successful, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Locate the profile added for Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack.
  • Trust the profile.
  • That’s it! You are all set to play Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack on iPhone/iPad now.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Do I have to jailbreak my iOS device to install Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack?


Q – Is the hack completely free?

Yes! There are no hidden costs or in-app charges.

Q – Will the hack work along with the original game?

No! You need to uninstall the App Store version of the game before installing the hack.

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Conclusion – Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack Free Download on iOS [No Jailbreak]

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Tiny Gladiators 2 Hack and show your opponents who is the boss. Let us know if you got any questions. Reach out to us with your queries via the comments section provided below. Happy to help you!

Thank You.

Topstore iOS 15 Download – OFFICIAL

Topstore on iOS 15 is an unofficial 3rd party app-store where you can download all your favorite apps which are not even in the official app store. With Latest Topstore on iOS 15 you can search for your favorite mod apps, games, tweaks, and premium apps that are not available in the official android play store or iOS app store.

Check Injustice 2 Hack on iOS with TopStore VIP Free.

Features | Topstore iOS 15:

Let’s get through some of the amazing features of Topstore on iOS 15.

  • You can download and install paid apps for free using Topstore.
  • Manage all the installed apps using Topstore.
  • One-click update for all the installed hack apps, mod apps, and premium apps.
  • 100% safe to install on your iOS device.
  • The best alternative for other third-party app stores such as TuTuApp, AppValley, vShare, etc.

Install Topstore on iOS 15 (iPhone/iPad) – STEPS

Topstore app is not available in any official app stores. You need to use other methods to install the Topstore app first on your device. Here are the steps you have followed to install the Topstore app on your iOS device (both iPhone and iPad).

  • Launch the browser in your mobile (either safari or chrome but Safari is preferred) and go to the given URL.

   TopStore on iOS 15

  • Once the website is loaded, go to the bottom page and click on download.
  • The download link has TopStore file which will be installed on your iOS device.
  • Once you click on download, an installation pop-up will appear. Click on the install button to start the installation.

Install TopStore

  • During installation, it will ask you to confirm your mobile passcode if you have one.
  • After the installation, you have to open your device settings app.Profile management
  • In the settings, go to General, then open profile and device management. In the profile and device management section, you can see the Topstore app profile installed.
  • Near the profile, you can see the Trust button. Click on the Trust button. 
  • Now go back to your device’s home screen and see the Topstore app installed.

Topstore iOS 15

  • You can launch the app and start installing your favorite apps.

Note: Make sure you have the required local storage in your device before installing games/apps/tweaks.

How to Delete Topstore on iOS 15

To delete the Topstore app and app data from your device follow the below steps.

  • Go to the settings page of your device.
  • On the settings page, click on General. Then in general tap on Profile and Device Management.
  • Now open the Topstore app profile from the installed profiles list.
  • There you can see the “Remove Downloaded Profile” option at the bottom.
  • Click on the option and select Confirm to remove the app and its data from the device.

Alternatives for the Topstore on iOS 15

Like the Topstore app, there are many other third-party app stores where you can download apps available in the official app stores.

  • AppEven – 1000s of iOS apps are available in this app store. You can download any hacking app, modded app, tweaks, and games for free.
  • vShare – vShare is very popular among users for its speed and ease of usage. You can install vShare without much hassle and it has very little to minimum bugs.
  • TuTuApp – There are two versions of TuTuApp. Free version or the lite version and the other is VIP version. It has fewer app revokes compared to the other app stores.
  • PPHelper – PPHelper app is developed by Chinese and has many cracked apps and modded apps. You can also install games and other paid apps for free.
  • Apps4iPhone – If you are looking for an app store exclusively for iOS devices, this is it. Apps4iPhone can only be used on iOS devices and has all the premium apps which can be installed for free.

Check these apps:

Conclusion – Topstore iOS 15 – Download 

Apple will frequently revoke apps that are installed using Topstore. If you got your apps revoked, just clear the app data and reinstall the latest version of Topstore. It will work fine again.  If the date & time in your iOS is not right then you will face the Profile installation failed error. Fix the date and time in your iOS device and clear all the app data related to Topstore. Now re-install the Topstore using the download link. Now the error will be cleared and installation will be successful.

TikTok++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – [MODDED]

Download TikTok++ on iOS for Free: Do you love making TikTok videos? It is a great app where you can make short videos, post them and create your fan base. There are sounds that you can add or are available in the app to which you can mix your talents. This is a great platform to express your hidden talents to the world. However, the app has a few restrictions. This is why you need to download TikTok++ on iOS. It gives you many extra features to explore.

TikTok++ App on iOS
TikTok++ App on iOS

As it is a modded version, TikTok++ needs a third-party app store to download. TopStore is the best in the market because of the quality of the apps they provide. You can easily download TikTok++ on iOS without jailbreak by using TopStore. Check out the complete installation procedure in the coming section. Do check out: SnapChat++ Download on iOS with TopStore App for free.

Features | TikTok++

TikTok++ for iOS offers you the best platform to create videos and share them with a community. Here are some amazing features in the latest TikTok++.

  • You can download videos to the device directly.
  • It lets you disable the auto play option for videos.
  • You can also share your videos to different platforms easily from the mod.
  • New filters and stickers are available to create attractive videos.
  • The video loop in the app can be disabled
    App NameTikTok++
    CategoryTweaked Apps

You can download TikTok++ and enjoy additional features for free. Make interesting videos and increase your popularity. There are many clips and sound files in the app you can use for your videos. Otherwise, you can upload music from the device.

Download TikTok++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

The latest TikTok++ for iOS is the best-modded version of the app available in the market. You can now create videos in a better way using this app. All you have to do is to download TikTok++ on iOS devices using TopStore. This does not require payment and jailbreak. Check out the steps given below.

  • From the Safari Browser on iOS, you have to open the link provided here.

   Download TopStore App

  • Click on the Install option from the official website of TopStore that opens up.
  • Now, you have to open the Settings. Under the General settings, tap on the Profile & Device Management options.
  • You need to click on Trust to enable it for the TopStore profile.
  • Next, open TopStore on iOS and find TikTok++ app.
    Search 'TikTok++' on iOS
    Search ‘TikTok++’ on iOS
  • Select the app and then tap on the Install button right next to the name.
    TikTok++ App in Search
    TikTok++ App in Search
  • Tap on ‘Install’ prompt once you click on ‘Get’ button in above step.
    Install 'TikTok++' App
    Install ‘TikTok++’ App
  • Once it is downloaded, move to the Settings.
  • From the General Settings, choose the Profile & Device Management option.
  • Enable Trust for TikTok++ profile and you are done.

The installation is quite simple. You can get the app in the best quality with TopStore on iOS devices. Download TikTok++ and enjoy making videos and download your favorite ones directly to your device.

Best TikTok Alternatives on iOS

TikTok is an amazing addition to explore various features in the normal app. If you got this wonderful app on your phone, you already know all the exclusive features that you have access to. But if you are bored of using the same app, and want to explore something new. Then let’s proceed by looking at the alternatives of TikTok on iOS.


Imgur is an amazing application that allows you to share images among friends and family. It is a library of tons of media that isn’t available anywhere in the world.


Old is indeed gold, give a try to Facebook application and enjoy all the social media platform features like never before.


Flickr is the hub for all photography fans out there. If you use TikTok, and want to experience similar vibes with something unique, then Flickr can be the best choice for you to give a try.


Here comes the king, Pinterest. Don’t look anywhere else for another best alternative of TikTok, Pinterest will fulfil all your application needs. If you love to know ideas about various concepts, then this is the place to visualize it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is TikTok++ on my iOS device?

TikTok++ is the tweaked version of the normal application that provides you with all the extra features that aren’t available normally. You can enjoy varied range of filters, etc.. on TikTok++ which is developed by third-party developers.

Q - Do I need to jailbreak my device to download TikTok++ on my iOS device?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to download TikTok++ on your iOS device. You can download it using any third-party developer based app store such as CokerNutX. Ensure to download from trusted sources only, to protect your device.

Q - Is it free to use TikTok++ on my iOS device?

Yes, it is free to use TikTok++ on your iOS device. The application is a mod version of the normal application. So you can use it for free on your iOS device. Download it from safe sources even if it is free.

Q - TikTok++ isn’t working and crashing in my iOS device, what to do?

If TikTok++ is crashing on your iOS device, ensure to reboot your device. If the problem still persists, re-install the application and download it. Make sure your internet is ON, and you are not blocking any signals.

How to Uninstall TikTok++ on iOS

If you want to uninstall the TikTok++ and install the original version, follow these steps:

  • Go to your home screen.
  • Go to App Library and go to Entertainment.
  • Click and hold the TikTok++.
  • Click on Delete the Application and continue.
  • Navigate to App Store and Search for TikTok++.
  • Install the App and have fun.

Best Apps from TopStore:

TikTok++ Download on iPhone & iPad – [MOD]

With TikTok++ on iOS, anyone can be a superstar. You can act, showcase your skills, and spread them to the world using this app. This modded version is completely free and lets you enjoy additional features on TikTok for free. Download TikTok++ on iOS using TopStore and have the best experience while making videos. The user interface is amazing and lets anyone operate the app easily.

Thank You.

iPlayTV on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – Download – TopStore VIP

If you are looking to stream popular US TV channels on your iPhone then look no further than the iPlay TV application. It is a free application that allows you to watch close to 60 TV channels from USA viz Fox, FX, Showtime, CBS, Starz, and more on your iPhone. The coolest part is that you get to stream all these amazing TV channels for free. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install iPlay TV on iOS from TopStore.

However, before moving to the installation steps, let us have a look at some major features of the iPlay TV app. Check Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).

Download iPlay TV on iOS – Features

TopStore is a third-party application store that allows you to download and install modded, hacked, and third-party iOS apps and games on iPhone/iPad for free. We will be using TopStore to install iPlay TV on iPhone.

  • You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to install and utilize the services of iPlay TV.
  • There is no such requirement of providing your Apple credentials for streaming channels. Just install the app and you are ready to go.
  • The app supports background audio playback.
  • You can stream channels in full-screen mode or picture mode.
  • Using M3U, you can add more channels to the application.
App NameiPlay TV
Latest Versionv2.3
CategoryTweaked Apps

iPlay TV by default offers access to all popular live TV channels including USA Network, Fox, Lifetime, FX, HBO, Freeform, MTV, CBS, Bet, Food Network, AMC, Bravo, Hallmark, HGTV, NBC, OWN, Paramount Network, Showtime, Starz, Syfy, TBS, The CW, TLC, TNT, True TV, ESPN, ESPN 2, FOX Sports, Golf Channel, SKY Sport Football, NBC Sport, NBA TV, NHL Now, History HD, National Geographic, CNN, FOX News, CNBC, Disney, Cartoon Network, and more.

Check these out:

Install iPlay TV on iOS from TopStore

  • As a first, you require installing TopStore on your iOS device. Please tap on the link provided below to check out the installation steps for TopStore.

   Download TopStore App

  • Post successful installation, please launch TopStore on your iPhone.
  • Simply conduct a search for iPlay TV and wait for the search results to come up.

Search for iPlay TV

  • One of the top search results will be iPlay TV. Tap on the listing to move to the app info screen.
  • Hit the Get button to initiate the download and installation process.

iPlayTV on iOS

  • A pop-up will come up stating that TopStore wants to install iPlay TV on your iOS device. Please tap on Install.

Insall iPlayTV on iOS

  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Post successful completion of the installation, make sure you navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of iPlay TV.
  • That’s it! You can go ahead and launch iPlay TV on your iPhone now.

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Conclusion– Download and Install iPlay TV on iOS

The app iPlay TV is invaluable to the users who love to stream USA TV channels on their iOS devices. The only downside to the application is that prior to initiating the stream for a channel, the app plays an advertisement. However, that doesn’t prove to be a hindrance to your entertainment. So, go ahead and install iPlay TV on iPhone now. Get all popular TV Channels from the USA to stream for free on your iPhone.

HexaTech++ on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – Download – TopStore VIP

The public WiFi hotspots available in your workplace, campus or your region may not support all sites. Certain websites cannot be accessed using public WiFi. This is why you need HexaTech++ on iOS devices. It is the best mod of HexaTech VPN that allows you to use apps and websites without restrictions. You can browse them at the highest speed. HexaTech++ for iOS offers free access to any WiFi.

HexaTech++ is a modded app and hence is not available in the official app store. You will need TopStore, which is a third-party app store for iOS devices that gives modded, tweaked and hacked apps for free. You can download HexaTech++ on iOS without jailbreak using TopStore. Now, you can enjoy unlimited VPN access to all your desired apps and websites at the highest speed. In this article, you will find a simple way to download HexaTech++ on iOS devices. Check Out: iTransmission on iOS(iPhone/iPad).

HexaTech++ for iOS | Features:

Many apps might not be available in your region. Even in some streaming apps like Netflix, you can find regional content. Now, you can access content from across the globe by using HexaTech++ on iOS. Here are some features of the app.

  1. You can browse through blocked apps and websites at the highest speed.
  2. The user interface offered by the VPN is simple and clean.
  3. You don’t have to sign up to unblock websites using the VPN.
  4. It changes the IP address of your device, thereby letting you choose the location manually.
  5. The VPN is secure as it hides your IP address for anonymous browsing.
App NameHexTech++
Category Tweaked Apps
Size18 MB

You can browse through the web safely and access data from any location using HexaTech++ on iOS devices. This VPN is completely secure.

Download HexaTech++ on iOS Devices using TopStore

TopStore offers you the best tweaks and mods on iDevices without jailbreak. This keeps your device secure while installing any apps you like. You can download HexaTech++ on iOS safely by using TopStore. Follow the instructions below to download the VPN.

  • First, you have to open the Safari browser and go to the URL given below.

   TopStore App Download

  • From the page that comes up, click on Install to get TopStore on iOS.
  • Once it is downloaded, navigate to Settings, take the Profile & Device Management option and Trust TopStore.
  • Open TopStore and search for HexaTech++.

HexaTech++ iOS

  • Hit the Install button near the app to download HexaTech++.

Install HexaTech on iOS

  • Go to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option to Trust HexaTech++ profile.

HexaTech++ iOS| FAQs

Is HexaTech++ for iOS safe?

Yes, you can safely download and use HexaTech++ on iOS without jailbreak. There are no bugs in the VPN and gives full security while browsing.

Does HexaTech++ offer free access?

Yes, HexaTech++ for iOS is free of cost. You can unblock any website on iOS easily.

Is HexaTech++ available for Android?

Yes, HexaTech++ is also available for Android devices. You can get all the features as mentioned above on Android as well.

List of Favorite Games:

GTA San Andreas Hack on iPhone & iPad – UPDATED.

Garena Free Fire Hack Download on iOS Without Jailbreak.

Final Words – Download HexaTech++ on iPhone & iPad

If you wish to enjoy hundreds of websites and apps without restriction on iOS, HexaTech++ is the only tool you need. It is the best VPN Proxy in the market right now and gives you free access to websites across the world.

CotoMovies – Download Coto Movies App on iOS(iPhone/iPad)

Movies/TV Series on iPhone/iPad – Download CotoMovies from TopStore: There is a flood of third-party streaming apps in the relative market, especially for iOS. This gives rise to a major problem regarding selecting an application. In this post, we are going to talk about one such third-party streaming app that goes by the name of CotoMovies.

It is not the best application out there but it is definitely better than many. MediaBox HD App is the best alternative available in the market to watch continuos movies and tv shows.

What is CotoMovies?

CotoMovies is a third-party streaming application that provides free access to tons of movies and TV series. The app is completely free to use and doesn’t come with any hidden costs or in-app charges.

App NameCotoMovies
CategoryMovies and Top Apps
Size9.46 MB
Coto Movies App - Features
Coto Movies App – Features

Does CotoMovies Require Jailbreak?

Luckily! You do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad in order to install CotoMovies application. Hence, by installing CotoMovies you are not voiding the warranty of your iOS device.

Is CotoMovies Safe?

CotoMovies brings content from third-party sources. It has safety levels similar to other relative applications. Though the onus of the content lies on the owner of the application, we definitely recommend the end-user to subscribe to a good VPN service before streaming any title on a third-party application.

What are the other Benefits of CotoMovies?

  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Chromecast support
  • HD Movies and TV Series

Does CotoMovies Contain Ads?

CotoMovies does contain ads however they are non-intrusive and doesn’t pose any kind of hindrance in your entertainment.

Install CotoMovies on iOS from TopStore

Phase 1 – Install TopStore on iOS

  • In order to install CotoMovies, you require installing TopStore on your iOS device.
  • TopStore is a third-party application store that houses tons of tweaked and modified iOS apps.
  • Please click here “   TopStore App Download” to install TopStore.
  • Do not forget to trust the profile of TopStore after successful installation.

Phase 2 –Install CotoMovies on iOS

  • Launch TopStore and conduct a search for CotoMovies.
  • The application will come up as one of the top search results.
    CotoMovies App - TopStore
    CotoMovies App – TopStore
  • Tap on the appropriate search result to go to the application information screen.
  • Press on ‘Go’ to initiate the installation process. This is similar to the way you install an application from the App Store.
    Coto Movies App - TopStore
    Coto Movies App – TopStore
  • Move to your device’s home screen to keep track of the installation progress.
    Coto Movies App on iOS
    Coto Movies App on iOS
  • Once the installation is successful, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles.
  • Trust the profile of CotoMovies.
  • Launch the application now and enjoy.

Best Apps Available in TopStore:

NBA 2K19 Hack on iOS – TopStore App

YouTube++ Download on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

Final Words – CotoMovies on iOS from TopStore

These were the simple steps to install CotoMovies on iOS from TopStore. If you face any kind of issues while using or installing the application, simply drop us a note in the comments section provided below. We will love to help you out.

Thank You.